A Space For My Writer-Like Announcements

Hi everyone. I’m Eric. I’ve used this space for various things over the years. For a while it was just a portfolio of nothing. I also tried blogging for a while. I guess all of the experimentation was mostly because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my creative life. I’m a little over halfway through an MFA in creative writing program, set to finish next year if everything goes smoothly. For now, this will be a space for my writer-like announcements, to share any upcoming news about publications–if there ever are any–or whatever else related to my creative work I want or need to share.

What I’ll Do With My Writer-Like Space

For now, let’s just keep things simple. I’ll try to accomplish something this quarter and then try to let you know about it here. It could just be that I finished another semester of a graduate program. Maybe I’ll polish up a few pieces and send them somewhere, and maybe I’ll have a rejection letter to share. Who knows?

On Blogging

Technically, this is me “starting over” on my blog. I had quite a few posts about nothing much since 2014, but I have been so busy with work and school the last few years. I haven’t had time to really blog like I originally envisioned. That means this probably won’t be a blog, at least not one that posts content regularly about a specific topic. I think announcements will work better at this point in my life. If a blog is how this space must be referred to for whatever reason, then I’m a bad blogger.

I guess the problem right now is there aren’t really any announcements. I guess I need to go do something worthwhile to post an announcement about.

I’m going to try to do that now.