Hello, my name is Eric. This blog started out as a personal blog where I blogged about my fiction writing, bad dates, and my creative pursuits. Now, I’m working on transforming it into something a bit more professional.

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Professional Development

Eric Shay Howard Author Blogger

In the fall of 2020, I enrolled in an MBA program. As you can see, I’m still learning a lot about working in professional services. Below are some of my recent blog posts about entrepreneurship and career development.

Freelancing My Project Coordinator Skills

Organizing Information

Sometimes, my idea of a good time is trying new productivity applications and finding new ways to organize information. Here are some blog posts about the new stuff I’ve tried.

I’m working on some of these blog posts right now.

My Creative Projects

Eric Shay Howard Crushes: Stories Fiction Collection

Although I have a new found interest in business, I also still have a creative side. Here are some recent blog posts about my creative projects.

My Fiction Collection, Crushes, Is Available Now in Paperback and on Amazon Kindle

I’m learning as I go about career development, being a “professional”, and working in professional services. In addition to assisting others with their projects and professional work, I also continue to work on my own creative projects, which I often discuss on my blog.

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