Eric Shay Howard is a writer living in Louisville, Kentucky. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Louisville and is currently in an MBA program. He’s the author of the fiction collection Crushes and is the founder and editor of Likely Red.

He loves encouraging creativity, riding his bicycle, and going to coffee shops.

His books are here.

Contact Eric Shay Howard

You can follow Eric on Twitter and Instagram. He tweets a lot. You can contact him through social media, or through this Contact page.

Eric blogs on his website almost every day. In addition to blogging about whatever, he also posts drafts of his short fiction. He occasionally rewrites the good ones. He doesn’t mind it when people point out the typos in the comments. When he gets his stories done enough, he lists his stories on his Free Stories page. When he has enough stories, he publishes them in a book.

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