Making TikToks of my Photography Outings

Well, I finally figured out what to do with my TikTok account. For a few days I’ve been making short TikTok’s of me trying to get good street photography photos while I’m out on my lunch breaks. It’s very hit or miss, but I kind of like doing it. It gives me something else to do even when I don’t end up getting anything good.

Also, I got this photo while I WASN’T making a TikTok, because making TikTok’s AND trying to get good photos is actually kinda hard. Still gonna keep doing it, though.


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Sepia Toning and Cross Processed Photography

I’ve stumbled into the ancient art of sepia toning and cross processed photography. Sepia toning is a chemical process that makes black and white images look more brown. I like the look a lot. It was a gateway to me discovering cross processed photography. Cross-processing is basically using the wrong chemicals on photos in the darkroom. It usually gives a copper toned look to the highlights. That being said, I do it all with digital images in Lightroom because I don’t use film. So, I essential just do split-toning with the highlights and the shadows.

As you can see in the images below, sepia toning isn’t that far off from black and white to the human brain. However, cross processed images look a little copper toned. You can probably tell those apart without the image and a black and white side-by-side. See the full resolutions of the images on my Flickr.

Fellow Photographer

Sepia toned highlights with blue shadows
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