Street Photography in Nulu with my Canon 24mm Lens

Today, I received my Canon 24mm lens that I ordered over the weekend. I went for a walk on my lunchbreak with it and snapped a few things. My camera has an APS-C sensor, which means it has a crop factor because it’s not a full frame 35mm sensor. After all the math is applied, my 24mm is basically a 35mm lens on this camera. I primarily used my 50mm lens before I got this, which was essentially an 80mm lens on this camera. Basically, I can get wider shots now. Here’s what I got today. You can see the full resolution shots on my Flickr.

Light Through the Stairs

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Black And White Street Photography In Louisville

I’m going to start posting some of my photography, because I’ve been really enjoying it this week. I haven’t been writing as much; I’ve been doing photography instead. I probably won’t explain the photography very much; I know myself and if I have to write thesis about each photograph I’ll second-guess it as an photograph and won’t post anything. These were all taken with a 50mm lens on a Canon Rebel SL3. I just wanted to get some photos that made me feel like I was in Louisville.

Slide Show

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There’s a Lot of Anticipation for a Breonna Taylor Announcement

There’s a lot of anticipation for a Breonna Taylor announcement in Louisville this week. Yesterday, the LMPD issued a state of emergency, preventing officers from using any off days for the foreseeable future. Later yesterday afternoon, Mayor Fisher declared a State of Emergency for Louisville. Concrete barriers are now along Market, Broadway, and 9th streets and some buildings are closing in anticipation of a decision. Many people are working from home this week, and not just because of coronavirus. The opinions on the anticipated Breonna Taylor announcement have been pretty divided.

I live downtown, but outside of what is being blocked off. My office is in the red box. I am bracing for impact.

No One Really Knows When There Will Be An Announcement of the Breonna Taylor Decision

The anticipation of any announcement being made is what is getting to me the most. Yes I’m inconvenienced in the sense that I can’t go to Sunergos to get a coffee on my lunch break. Instead I have to go to Please and Thank You. Both are fine. I’m a white cis male so I have the luxury of this only being an inconvenience.

I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be at least a little bad downtown for a while. I don’t anticipate a fair decision from the grand jury. As a result, I believe that people are going to be very upset about the announcement.

I hope that things remain peaceful. However, I’m also bracing myself. If there are no charges, I anticipate disruptions in the entire central business district that may possibly even spill into the Nulu area. However, if there are charges, I worry that the far-right will bring their guns out and do possibly even more damage and cause more disruptions than would otherwise be caused. I base this fear on the visible threats that I’ve seen posted online on Facebook in LMPD, Mayor Greg Fisher, and Governor Andy Beshear’s live feeds over the last few months.

My Expectations of the Media

I keep my expectations of the media fairly high. I expect the media to do a good and fair job of reporting on the events as they unfold. Unfortunately, I also expect people with certain agendas to promote the worst possible images of the events in attempts to make protestors appear to be violent when they aren’t.

Normally, and probably against advisement, I would venture out and up the street a ways to get some sort of photograph to show the barricades, but I’m working from home for the rest of the week and I can’t be gone from my computer for that long this morning. If I have time I will venture out farther later this evening. I went out and I got my coffee today early. Note that the BS stands for butterscotch and not, for instance, something like bull shit.

This blog post is very anticlimactic. I don’t have much for you today, it seems. I’m busy and downtown Louisville is closing for a bit. I hope that at the very least, decisions are made to prevent what happened to Breonna Taylor from happening again in the future. I also wish that the police did their job appropriately. I think enough news has leaked to prove, or at least highly suggest otherwise, but there’s still a lot we don’t know.

Leave me a comment below and let me know how you’re feeling about all of this. You can contact me via my contact page, follow me on Twitter, and like my page on Facebook.

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