My COVID19 Test Came Back Positive

Do you guys keep up with your own local news? I try to. I'm not the best at it. I'm better at it when the local news directly affects me. But, I still try. Andy Beshear has made keeping up with local politics very easy because he's…

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Recommendations Vs Mandates

Let's talk about these new guidelines that Andy Beshear spoke about on 10/26: First of all, these are recommendations, not mandates. So, no company in Jefferson county is going to allow their employees to work remotely voluntarily. Why would they? Everyone is trying to get people…

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The Gym For 30 Days

I finally went out and got a new gym membership yesterday. I had a gym membership at this great gym in Downtown Louisville, but it's still closed due to the pandemic. My membership was only for a short time before the shutdown in March and I'd barely…

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There’s a Lot of Anticipation for a Breonna Taylor Announcement

There's a lot of anticipation for a Breonna Taylor announcement in Louisville this week. Yesterday, the LMPD issued a state of emergency, preventing officers from using any off days for the foreseeable future. Later yesterday afternoon, Mayor Fisher declared a State of Emergency for Louisville. Concrete barriers…

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New Writing Plan: Stay Pumped

I’m pumped.

I finished some work for one of my first editing clients. I’m pumped. Have a book review to post soon for a new book I read that’s about to come out. I’m pumped about that. I’m off from the part-time job today, too. Pumped. Real pumped. Gonna go to a coffee shop and work on some short stories. Gonna get some more short stories for my blog. Gotta get a few more. Gotta have some useful stuff to tweet and post to Facebook. Gotta get my blog making money so I can quit my part-time job and do my blogging and writing and editing thing. Gotta stay pumped. (more…)

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