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  • My Thoughts On Twitter

    My Thoughts On Twitter

    These Are My Thoughts On Twitter For a few weeks, I’ve been sitting in the back row, watching my Twitter timeline and the blogs that blog about it. I don’t want to say anything about it. Businesses change hands all the time. Usually, it happens behind closed doors, or as less of a spectacle anyway. […]

  • Social Media Awkward

    I haven’t been posting on Fridays because I don’t want to, usually. I need my Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to be an irresponsible college student who is almost 30 and still single as crap. I had a sudden worry the other night that maybe Fridays were the best day to blog ever and that I […]

  • June

    Wait? What? Really? I'm so happy right now! #LoveWins — Eric Shay Howard (@EricIntroverted) June 26, 2015 I woke up, watched Hook staring @robinwilliams, felt sad he was gone but happy because good movie, then my Twitter exploded with #LoveWins — Eric Shay Howard (@EricIntroverted) June 26, 2015 I'M JUST SO HAPPY I DON'T EVEN […]