The Refresh Button

I keep hitting the refresh button when I’m looking at my book on Amazon to see if anyone has given me a review. I’m wondering what the first review will be. 1 star? 5 stars? 3 stars? I suppose it could 2 or 4 stars, probably from a reader that reads a lot of other books. I think most people would just do 1 or 5 stars. But, I don’t really know. All I can do is just wait and see.

I finally got my own copy of my book, Crushes, without the “not for resale” notice that was on proof copies. I’m rather pleased with how it came out.

If you want to buy my book, it’s available on Amazon. Just so you know, the link below is an affiliate ad and I earn revenue from qualifying purchases. The ad just happens to be of my own book. Surprisingly, this is 100% okay as far as Amazon is concerned, as long as I disclose.

In other news, I now have a fever of 101.2 and a cough and fatigue and headaches. Everyone seems to think I have coronavirus, even the doctor I spoke to via my telehealth appointment, so I’m going to go get ANOTHER test today. Other than that I plan to sleep and occasionally refresh my Amazon reviews to see if I get one.

Anyways, how has your week been? Let me know in the comments below. Do you abuse the refresh button? Are you impatient? Are you a “1 or 5 star” reviewer, or a “2 or 4” star reviewer?

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I Got Sick, But I Still Got My Book Out

Yesterday, I posted this very short story and you all told me that you really liked it, so thank you! Constructive criticism, typo hunters, and comments about whatever are always welcome.

Yesterday evening, I wrote two very short stories, but I don’t like them. I’ll keep fiddling with them, but no promises.

Also, the general consensus is that last week I had bronchitis. Monday I was all better. Tuesday my roommate let me know that he was sick and that he was exposed to coronavirus at work, so now I’m back quarantining at home again. Also, my cough has returned. So, at this point, who knows?

Just in case you missed it, the paperback of my fiction collection, Crushes, was released Monday. I also released a new edition of the kindle version. I’ve added an affiliate ad for it below. (Technically, the link below is an affiliate ad and I earn revenue from qualifying purchases if you use the link.)

I’d also love it if you let me know what you think about the stories. I’d love to write another one. thanks again for all the encouragement over the last 3 years to get it done.

eric shay howard Crushes fiction collection
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Sexy Research Tapes

I waited for him to sit down next to the cage before I hit enter. His face was droopy. His breathing steadied. He uncoiled his shirttail and smoothed it out over his belly. He picked up the recorder next to his hand and pushed a button. He sucked in his gut when he caught me looking. He called me Gonzo like he did when I did something stupid. I hit enter again.

The lights inside the cage in front of his face came on. I counted the freckles under his eyes and over his nose. When the catnip plant inside caught fire, he curved his lips. I hit enter again. He sighed. I said I was sorry. He said he knew. We can figure it out, I said. He said we would.

After he left the room, I picked up the recorder, still warm from his hand. I took it with me when I looked over the computer in the corner. I listened to our voices. His voice was always higher after I spoke than it was when he spoke alone. He used bigger words and said longer sentences than I did. Spectrum. Intensity. Fluorescent. I burned two bonsais, three figs, and a Pothos while listening to him recite the configurations of the switches that controlled the wattage.

When the doorknob turned, I ran away from the computer. He looked at the recorder I held at my side. He called me Gonzo and looked away quickly. He sighed and made faces at the smell of burnt chlorophyll as I walked the recorder back over to his table. My sweaty palm dried quickly. He told me he didn’t know what to say. I said he didn’t have to say anything.

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Crushes, A Fiction Collection, Available In Paperback and Amazon Kindle

My fiction collection, Crushes, is now available in paperback!

Description: A young anthropologist observes the mysteries of the flightless birds in her father’s back yard with the help of a handsome and mysterious traveling painter. A mall cowboy competes for the favor of his work crush. College buddies discover a secret spaceship beneath a hidden lake off of I-65. These are just some of the moments in Crushes, a collection of stories that explore characters from the south scattered across America through magical realism, dark humor, and place. Some adult language and themes of sexuality.

9 stories. Buy it, please. That is all!

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Danbecca Espionage

Here’s a short story. Typo hunters, welcome. Hope you enjoy my fiction. Still working on my microfiction skills.

I lost the race. I was panting when you patted me on the back. After that last smack, your hand slid down my spine a ways. Rebecca from billing was at your side already, announcing how proud she was of you and the diet she’s got you on. I decided I’d have to double the extra sugars I’ve been dumping into your coffee. The next day, you asked me about the tally marks on the laminated paper hung up in my cubical. I told you it was how many times you’d left your desk to fix Elroy’s laptop. You counted them and you looked amazed. Yes, it was a lot, I said. After you hung up your phone later that day and told me to put another tally on the board, I complied. I rubbed it off before you got back. When Rebecca called you just before your lunch, I put in my headphones. When you laughed at something she said, my stomach soured. I went through the lunch boxes in the breakroom until I found the gray one with DANNY written with purple sharpie. I replaced your light mayo tuna sandwiches with one of my real mayonnaise ones. Tomorrow I’ll swap out your avocado for a turkey. I also cook a few extra strips of bacon every few mornings, just in case. One day soon I won’t have to put a tally on the board. One day, she’ll smell the wrong food on your breath or notice the pudge over your abs. One day she’ll leave you.

Danbecca Espionage Short Fiction
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