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  • Kayaking Is Not Like Canoeing

    Kayaking Is Not Like Canoeing

    My roommate told me a few days ago that we were going to go do the boat thing. I was like, oh, okay. The waivers I signed on my phone said “canoeing” so I was like, I guess we’re going canoeing. When we got there, I found out it was kayaking, not canoeing. Apparently canoeing […]

  • Crushes, A Fiction Collection by Eric Shay Howard, Coming Soon To Paperback

    Crushes, A Fiction Collection by Eric Shay Howard, Coming Soon To Paperback

    I received my proof copy of Crushes, my short fiction collection, by me, Eric Shay Howard. This book is already available on Amazon Kindle, but I haven’t had time to get the paperback version ready until now. I’m pretty excited about it! I worked really hard on these stories for a very long time. I’m […]

  • Writing A Friend In Prison After 13 Years

    Writing A Friend In Prison After 13 Years

    One of my best friends in high school is in prison for doing something awful. He was on the run for 2 years and has been in prison for 7 years. I haven’t spoken to him for longer than that – maybe 10 or 12 years? Let’s just say 13 years. I have been wanting […]

  • I’m Swearing Off Grindr And Going To Bars

    Something happened a few times that really bothers me and it happened again, kind of. I have a few other posts I could post today, but because I’m still super upset, I’m going to blog about this instead. See here’s the thing. I’ve never been officially diagnosed with any social anxiety issues or social problems, […]

  • The Bard’s Town

    I went to a poetry/fiction/essay reading Friday night, the InKY Reading Series at The Bard’s Town in Louisville, KY, and got read to. I wanted to go because that was my last weekend in Louisville for a few months, and I found out while I was there that it was the last reading of the […]

  • Hurry Please I Want To Know, The Snow Child, and In Our Time

    I’ve been told to write everyday over the summer. Okay, challenge accepted. Classes have been over for about a week and I’ve already written thirty pages of crap. Not bad crap; I’ve gotten pretty good at polishing turds if I do say so myself, but it’s not as hard as marble or even as hard as […]

  • Ron Carlson Writes A Story and The Governor’s Ball

    My second semester at the University of Louisville is coming to end. In some ways, it was a better semester than my last. I got to write some more, and I actually got to participate in my first master class. Thank you, Michelle Latiolais! I also learned a lot about myself as a writer this […]