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  • The Five-Star Courthouse

    The Five-Star Courthouse

    Here is a very short story. I’m working on my microfiction skills. Comments and typo hunters, welcome. The Five-Star Courthouse Ray didn’t say no when John asked him if his dog was the one who dug the hole in the park by the bench. Ray didn’t even have a dog. Did a blue cotton suit […]

  • College Student Goes Crazy Waiting For Final Grades To Post

    I’m sitting here like a good graduating college student, applying for every job I can find that even remotely interests me on Indeed, waiting for my coffee water to boil. I’m doing the best I can to pretend that I’m not worried about my final grades, writing about my upcoming college graduation in all my cover letters, using […]

  • I Went To A Bar On Easter

    For Easter my friend was like, let’s go to the cemetery and take pictures of trees. I said okay. So we went to see Colonel Sanders’s grave because people do that for some reason. My friend took pictures of trees in the cemetery while I took pictures of him taking pictures because art. Then we […]