I offer writing and editing services.

If you have a writer-like or an editor-like project you’d like me to consider, please contact me for pricing information. My editing services include¬†editing for manuscripts, blogs, or websites. I also offer content writing services. With my background in creative writing, I also consult on big and small creative projects. It’s also okay if you just want to say hello.

Snail Mail Address:

Eric Shay Howard
P.O. Box 70418
Louisville, KY 40270

Email address:

eric [at] ericshayhoward [dot] com

Note; if you don’t hear from within a few days, I probably didn’t get your message. Feel free to email again or use an alternative contact method.

Contact form:

There are numerous other methods of contacting me, outlined here in this overly-satirical essay about how easy it is to contact me.

Now, here’s a picture of a really old banana peel.

Picture of a rotten banana peel on a sidewalk.

Enjoy that.