My name is Eric Shay Howard. I’m almost thirty years old. I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I’m an English major at the University of Louisville. I write on my personal blog here. I also write other things that I submit to literary journals and get rejection letters from literary journals for.

The longest I’ve ever held a job was three years and it was at a Walmart in Danville, KY. I currently work student-like jobs on campus. I’ve always wanted to work in a coffee shop, but I probably wouldn’t be very good at it. I don’t know what I want to do after college.

I eat a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. I have a PlayStation 4 that I mostly use to stream Netflix. I like pasta. I drink coffee and tea with cream and sugar. I hate light beer and vodka. I like Budweiser and rum. I don’t buy soda for the house because I drink all of it.

I live with three roommates.

I have a cat.

I use an iPhone.

This blog is my home base.

I have a Youtube Channel.

I tweet on Twitter a lot. Twitter is currently my favorite social media platform. You can follow me on Twitter @ericshayhoward.

I use Instagram to post and filter what I can of the ugly out of my photos. You can follow me on Instagram @ericshayhoward.

I started using Snapchat because everyone else was. I’m getting better at it. It’s mostly useless. You can add me on Snapchat @ericshayhoward.

I also have a Facebook page at facebook.com/ericshayhoward.

You can email me at eric (at) ericshayhoward (dot) com.

This is me in front of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts after seeing the most recent play I went to see.

You’re welcome to subscribe to my blog, follow me on any of my social media accounts, or just creep on me from a distance. If you’re in Louisville, let’s go get coffee. If you’re an employer, hire me. If you’re a professor, let me know you saw my blog next time you see me so that I know.

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