Oops, It’s February

Dang, guys. DANG. It’s February already.

I so totally didn’t get to all the creative writing related or blogging related things I wanted done. For some reason, I decided to spend January actually getting my work life together. Well, actually, I spent January trying to figure out what getting my work life together actually means. First, I decided that it meant I had to work a crap ton, so I went job hunting. I got two jobs. Now I’m back to one job. Well played, universe. Lesson learned.

Then, my boyfriend and I had a mutual discussion about how we’re really just friends and we ended up breaking up. I think maybe we’re going to stay roommates, too, which is great, because I would hate to have to learn to live with someone all over again right now. Of course, being this close to Valentine’s Day is a drag, but that’s just the way the spaghetti fork turns.  (My boyfriend, I mean my ex-boyfriend, I mean my friend, hates it when I cook spaghetti, so that was me being a smart-ass.)

I did my taxes. They were boring. I thought Trump was supposed to make doing taxes more entertaining?

After I did my taxes, I sat down and I got caught up on submissions for Likely Red Magazine. Well, sort of. I’m still piecing together some potential acceptances into an issue before I send out the acceptance letters. Gotta be sure, you know?

So, that was my January. Here’s what I know now: I’m good with customers but not good in retail or fast food anymore. Also, there are two places I’ll live in a cardboard box before going back to work for. I won’t name them, but one’s in fast food and one’s in retail.

So, now I’m job hunting for a job that I can do that maybe involves people but not retail or fast food.

I got an interview for a clerk position at a school. I didn’t get the job, but I’ve decided that I want something like that. So, I applied for a bunch of education administration, office administration, and coordinator positions. Then I thought maybe sales or something. I don’t drive, so I can’t do door-to-door, but I could do like, insurance or something. Whatever. I’ll figure it out. I will let you all know how that goes. You know, maybe.

I’m also thinking Receptionist, Coordinator, person who says hi and smiles at you until you pick a direction to start walking in, and possibly a bartender, if I could learn to to make drinks. There’s a one-night Mixology course this month at UofL, according to my alumni association email. If I can scrounge up the $35, I’ll go.

I did manage to get some clients for my freelance editing gig. If I could get some more of those, like enough to pay my rent and support my coffee habits, I’d be all set.

I wrote very few words this week.

I worked very little on my own writing off and on in between other tasks as the month went by. I’ve managed to get somewhat of a short story about some guys who sell their horses to a nut. I’ve also got some working drafts of two short-short stories. I’m still editing them for submission.

I got a few rejection letters this month, but only for old stuff. I think I’m going to force myself to only show the rejection letters I get for my new stuff, that way I actually write new stuff. Yes, that makes sense. I’m gonna do that.

Oh. Right. I got asked to do an interview about editing over at Shawn PB Robinson’s blog. Definitely check that out. It was fun. Great guy. Fun to work with. Helpful blog, too.

You can read my fiction that I’ve posted on my blog here.

You can submit to Likely Red Magazine for free for the month of February while the allotted amount of free submissions holds out here. Update: The allotted amount of free submissions has been filled. Likely Red stays open to submissions year-round with a submission fee, and a little birdie told me that we’ll open back up for free submissions again in May.

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I’m going job hunting.


My First Rejection Letter of 2018

I wrote 4,300 words this week.

Between my first rejection letter of 2018, job interviews, and holiday leftovers, I now have two short stories that are short enough to submit to some new lit mags I’ve found. I also have a very rough draft of a novelette that I started in December and found something of an ending for over the weekend. So, I guess I did pretty okay enough this past week.

I’m considering January my “grinding” month.

I’m doing as much writing as I can so that I have plenty of stuff to rewrite and submit to literary journals and creative writing places. It’s kind of like setting a new years resolution, only kind of the exact opposite because I definitely won’t get as much new writing done per month after January for a while. I mean, you know, probably not.

In between writing, I also had a job interview that I probably won’t get because I don’t think I asked enough questions about the position, so I applied for a crap ton more jobs. Basically, I need a new job right off the get-go this year. Or a rich husband. Or, you know, a book to sell, or a surge in my blog’s popularity and ad impressions, or something. You know, whichever happens first. Probably a new job.

Also, this is my first rejection letter of 2018.

My first rejection letter of 2018 is from Five:2:One Magazine. The typos make me think that it was actually typed out by hand. Seems slightly higher tier, too. But I dunno. I can’t tell anymore.

Has anyone else gotten their first rejection letter of 2018? Anyone gotten any acceptance letters this year yet? Let me know in the comments. I WANT TO KNOW. I’M NOSY.

I’m still working on a new short story for my blog. Until then, here’s my most recent short story, “Losing One”, that I posted a few weeks ago.

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I Have A Plan

I have a plan for 2018. A fiction writing career plan. I didn’t say it was a good plan, or that it’ll work completely, or even that it’ll work at all. I’m just saying that I’ve put together a plan for my fiction writing of 2018. I’m also not saying it’s a very well thought out plan, just a plan that I’ve thought about a lot.

So for 2018, I have to submit more of my short fiction to paying markets.

I need to submit more of my fiction to more places and get some longer stories going this year. In order to do this, I can’t spend all week working on short fiction just for the blog. As I pointed out in this post about typos, the stories on my blog are only for my blog, not for lit mags, because they’re already “published”. It’s been great having the weekly push to create a new story for my blog, but I have to turn the dial down a bit on my blog’s fiction and turn the knob for my lit mag fiction submissions up.

My blog posts will be less frequent this year, kind of, maybe.

Instead of a set weekly schedule this year, the frequency of my posts will be based on rejection letter response times, exciting life events, and my urges. Publication announcements, too. You know, if any. And, I don’t want to NOT publish some of my stories here on my blog. So, about every month or so I’ll post a short story on my blog.

I’ll be submitting stories every week to other literary journals and lit mags. I’ll be sharing my rejection letters, as always. And well, that’s phase one of my plan. Phase two will be implemented after the first quarter of 2018, sometime in March or April or May or something like that. I don’t know what the fuck I want to define as a quarter-year so, you know, whatever. Phase two involves some humdingery and confladgery that will be more and more doable the more phase one goes according to plan.

I guess now that I think about it, this isn’t really a plan as much as it is a “I’m busy with writing so fuck off” announcement. Whatever. It’s fine. I’ll try to keep up with the consistency of posting as much as I can.

Here’s some of the rejection letters I got last year.

These fiction rejection letters are from No Tokens, Apogee, Sand, and Bull & Cross. Plenty more to come this year, I’m sure.

no tokens rejection

See you next week, unless something interesting happens before then. I’m off to write and rewrite some more stuff to submit to some places.

Wish me the best of of luck with my fiction writing career this year. We’re all in this together, too, so feel free to bombard the comments with your own short story links, links to your books, your projects, your blog, or whatever.

Here is some of my fiction that you can read here.

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