I Have Two Jobs

I got a call at work today from my future night-shift employer. I start next week. I now have two jobs. I need leather boots. I’m so in the money. I can’t wait to be so tired that I can’t even spend any of it.

I start at UPS next week. It’s a 5 night a week gig. That means I have one week to practice my “polyphasic sleeping skills”. Using the power of my Apple products, I’ve devised a sleeping schedule. On this revolutionary low-income-family-college-student-single-guy routine, I’ll get 3-4 hours in the morning and 3-4 hours in the evening of sleep each night. I won’t lose any sleep and I’ll be able to work both my jobs and be so in the money. I’m excited. So many coffees from Quills. So many.

On Thursdays and Saturdays, I won’t have to go to my other job the next morning, so I can be a tired sleepy drunk at the closest bar/pub/food thing. I’m looking forward to that, too. I’ve always wondered what it felt like to wander into a Waffle House or a Denny’s at 4 o’clock in the morning and demand grease.

But mostly, I’m just excited that I’ll be able to afford to do stuff when I want. I’ll still have weekends off, if I can stay awake for them. I’ll even be free in the daytime Monday and Thursday, minus my 3-4 hour blocks that I’ve allotted for my cave-man-like polyphasic sleep cycle so that I can spend all my money at places when they’re actually open.

It’s going to be great. I haven’t really thought about what to do when classes start back, but that’s three months away. That’s like ages. A lot can happen in three months. I’ll prove it. I’ll keep a list of all the stuff that happens to me in three months. You’ll see.

Now, I have to go pick out my leather boots.

I Went To See The Boss

I went with a boy to see The Boss. The movie was kinda funny. Not like Identity Theif funny, or The Heat funny, but maybe a little funnier than Tammy funny. The boy I went with was nice. Well, he was nice for a week. It was a good week. Then it got weird. I’m not even sure how it happened. I still reread the texts and the messages, trying to figure it out.

Let’s see; we met on Grindr. Hmm, I’m starting to see a pattern here. It took a month for us to coordinate a date. We finally coordinated a date at Teddy Bears, the closest gay bar near me that’s somewhat within walking distance. We drank. We went home. Separate homes. We met again a few days later. He took me to Dragon King’s Daughter, a sushi/taco fusion place on Bardstown Road. We went to Chill Bar, another gay bar. We went to our separate homes. We went out again the next day. We drank. We ate somewhere else. We went to his place and cuddled. I walked home. We went out again the next day, this time to see the Melissa McCarthy movie, The Boss. We were the only ones in the theater. He was respectful. He didn’t try to make out with me during the movie. We laughed a lot. I liked the part where McCarthy gets her teeth whitened. The funniest lines were always the sentences near the ends of conversations, almost like punchlines. McCarthy is really good at smartass end-sentences. After the movie, we went to The Back Door. It’s actually not a gay bar. It’s just a bar. They also have bar food. Afterwards, we went to his apartment again and his roommate was moving stuff. It was late and I had to be at work the next morning and I felt in the way. I wanted to go home, so I went home. He walked me out and we kissed and I walked home.

The next day he asked me if something was wrong. He wondered why I went home. I told him because he and his roommate were moving stuff and it was late. He seemed to think I was lying to him. I tried all day to convince him that I just wanted to go home because it was late and they were moving stuff and that it wasn’t a big deal. We are no longer speaking.

His roommate found me on Grindr and messaged me and asked about why I left so suddenly that night. I said because he and him were moving stuff and it was late and I had to work the next morning and I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. Then he told me that I didn’t deserve his roommate/friend because I wasn’t honest with him and that I was tripping up and that his roommate/friend was a great guy. I asked if he wanted to see the messages to prove to him that I told them both the exact same thing. Then he asked to see a picture of my dick instead.

So, you all tell me. What happened?

And… Go!

Second Job Hunting

I figured since it was summer that I should look for a second job to have more income and be comfortable and not be stressed out about money. I really hate being stressed out about money. No classes over the summer means I can work a second job again and not be miserable. Well, a little miserable, but a lot more excited on paydays. Whatever.

What prompted this job hunt was a random interview for a job downtown that I applied for last semester and somehow forgot about. I don’t think I got it, though. The job was full time and at first I was like, na. I can’t work full time as a student. Then I was like, the money is really nice and I talked myself into the idea. So, I took an unannounced week off from the blog to second-job hunt, or full-time job hunt. You know, whatever. Money money money.

I have two interviews tomorrow and I also applied for a job at my student apartment building. I’m not super handy with tools but I can work in the office or move furniture and clean up apartments when people move out. My mom has managed an apartment building for years so I’m used to collecting rent and having to move gross stuff out of an empty apartment when I visit for the holidays.

I’m determined to have a second job or an awesome full time job before June. Or a rich boyfriend. Or a rich best friend who buys me food and stuff. Or a boyfriend who works in fast food to bring me food everyday. Or maybe I should just finish my novel and work on getting it and my short story collection accepted for publication.  You know, whatever happens first. I just want to be comfortable when I’m out places, enjoying what will hopefully be my last summer off of classes as a college student. Next summer I’ll just be a college graduate looking for work, which seems different somehow, like how using non-biodegradable cups and not using non-biodegradable cups are different.

How to not feel bad about throwing out non-biodegradable cups.

Modernism Final


I have a Modernism final due tomorrow at 2PM. I’m the opposite of thrilled about it. It was a take-home final. I’ve had a week to do it. I know, it’s my own fault I haven’t done it yet. I’m doing it now. I have to cite examples from the readings throughout the semester about ten different things and then explain what makes them those things. I put it off because I really don’t think it’ll be that bad. I’m only dreading it because it’s the last thing I have to do all semester and I just don’t wanna.


I just finished my Modernism Final Thingy-Ma-Jig. I’m aiming for a “C” on it. I already know I’m not going to have an A in the class so I decided that stressing myself out needlessly over it wasn’t useful. The final actually wasn’t that bad and I might maybe even get a B on it, but probably not an A, because that professor was hard. I still haven’t submitted it to the professor because I’m at work. Hopefully I’ll find a spare minute to click the buttons. I know, I know, I’m blogging right now and not pushing the buttons. It’s complicated. I’m complicated.


I submitted my exam to professor earlier and then I went home and watched more Sons of Anarchy. I’m on season 3. The Sons are dealing with the Irish. This is like my 3rd time through the series. I don’t watch new stuff when I have time to; I only watch stuff I’ve already watched and then I complain about not having time to watch new stuff.  After I watched Jax beat up some people to find out that his son might be in Canada, I ate my White House candy that I can’t tell you how I got or I’ll have to kill you. Now I’m at job number 2.


Today is my last day at the Cultural Center on campus until next fall, maybe. There’s a chance I’ll have a better-paying job or a rich boyfriend by then. Anyway, here’s a selfie.

I need to get this blog on a less complainy-track and back to a creative-fun track. I’ll work on that this week. I’m so glad classes and finals are over. Have I said that already?