Bardstown Road – The Highlands in Louisville, KY. Photo by Kyle Richard Dixon.

My name is Eric Shay Howard. I graduate from the University of Louisville in May 2017 with a BA in English. I edit Likely Red, an online literary journal I started my senior year at UofL so that I’d have writerly-tasks to do when I graduate.

I love writing fiction. I write, rewrite, submit, and mostly get rejection letters for my stories. I might or might not have some publications soon.

I’m currently exploring both English-major-like opportunities and non-English-major-like opportunities in the Louisville, KY area. I eventually want to go get my MFA in fiction, but I also used to tell people that I wanted to chase tornados and here I am, not purposefully running towards any twisters. I also haven’t checked NOAA since 1996.

If you have a writer-like or an English-major-like project you’d like me to consider, please contact me with the details. If you’re in the Louisville area, let’s go get coffee. If you’re one of my professors or former professors and you happen across this, let me know if you want. If you’re visiting from a literary journal or magazine and I’ve submitted a piece to you, please don’t tell me that you saw this.

You can follow me on Twitter @ericshayhoward. You can follow me on Instagram @ericshayhoward. You can like me on Facebook. You can email me at eric (at) ericshayhoward (dot) com. Response times vary and may come in overly creative forms including, but not limited to, poetic rejections, minimalist dialogue exchanges between two unnamed characters, and personification.

If you’re feeling a little crazy, you may also leave me a public comment below.

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