So I’m Trying To Grow My Audience And It’s Hard

I’ve been reading a lot of that advice that people have about growing your blog and your following.

I’ve been implementing it slowly over the last few weeks. Not only have I been interacting more on Twitter with my head held high, but I’m finding some really interesting people and getting more followers. I’m not sure how much of it exactly translates over into growth for this blog, but baby steps, people. I don’t want to get overwhelmed.

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Book Reviews: How Soon Is Too Soon?

Well, it finally happened. I got to read a book for a book review early.

Well, sort of. The book’s UK release date was this month. The book doesn’t come out in the US until November. I’m reading it from the US publisher. I don’t THINK the US publisher would care if I went ahead and posted the review, but I think it’s good practice to wait until closer to the “official” release date for the publisher that I’m providing the review for. So, I’m embargoing myself. You’ll get to know what I think of the book in November. Maybe October. To be honest, this whole thing is all up in the air I have no idea what I’m doing.

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Job Interview #2: Over-Dressing Every Day Until I Get To Hell

Today I have a job interview.

It’s my second interview after graduating from college. This interview is for a marketing/event planning company. I’m one of the last interviews they’re scheduling, so I’m sure I won’t get it. But, at least it’ll give me some experience interviewing. My last job interview didn’t go so well. I definitely under-dressed for it. Somehow, going to college made me completely forget what business professionals wear. But it’s okay because I’m prepared today. I have my nice pants and a nice shirt on, and a tie to seal the deal.

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How To Move: Don’t – It’s Awful And I Hate It

Dear everyone, I hate moving.

Not necessarily the moving part, but everything else that moving implies about a person’s life for the next week or so, I completely hate. I hate job hunting. Doing 10’s of loads of laundry in a day really sucks. I hate having to coordinate with the cable and internet people as well as the apartment maintenance staff to get my cable working. There are lots of things that make moving better. I didn’t do any of them. I could have googled “how to move” but I didn’t because I’ve moved 100s of times in my life. I’m like a nomad. I move. It’s what I do. Well, not anymore. But I feel like I say that every time I move. Continue reading…