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  • The Ending of LOST (Spoiler Alert)

    The Ending of LOST (Spoiler Alert)

    This is random and I’m sorry. Look, I know LOST has been off the air forever and a day. I know that most people have moved on from it. Hell, even I have moved on. But every now and then, no actually all the time, people say something about the ending of LOST that sends […]

  • Recitatif, Resurrection, Arrow, and The Flash

    If you’re new to my blog, you’ll want to know that I’m completely reading every page of The Norton Introduction to Literature: Shorter 11th Edition, by Kelly J. Mays, in it’s entirety, and blogging about it in an incredibly confusing way alongside my rants about life and stuff. I took an AP English class in high […]

  • A & P, Dark Meadow, and Once Upon A Time

    I stayed home from my Acting One class today (actually, yesterday, because my blogs are usually a day late due to the rigorous editing process I put myself through) in an attempt to completely heal up good from not-Ebola. To be completely honest, I could use another day, but I got an email from my […]

  • The Savage Detectives, Barn Burning, and Gotham

    I’m behind in The Savage Detectives, a novel by Roberto Bolaño that I’m supposed to be reading for my English 300 class. The book is confusing to me and I’m not finding it to be a super enjoyable novel, either. Sometimes just being told to read something hinders it for me, but I’m not sure […]

  • Boys and Girls, and Araby

    I wasn’t productive this weekend. I started re-watching Arrow and to get started on the new show The Flash, went to a bar with a friend, got drunk, and talked with him about Arrow and The Flash. My new friend is nice. He’s a heavy set black guy with three jobs and a yellow car. My boyfriend […]