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  • Danbecca Espionage – Short Story

    Danbecca Espionage – Short Story

    Here’s a short story. Typo hunters, welcome. Hope you enjoy my fiction. Still working on my microfiction skills. If you like my work, please read my fiction collection, Crushes, available on Amazon in print and on Amazon Kindle. Danbecca Espionage I lost the race. I was panting when you patted me on the back. After […]

  • Meeting


    “Light’s out.” Jonathan pointed to the star atop the Christmas tree. “Don’t say anything about it. Not even when we put up the decorations,” I said. He put his finger down before Aunt Sherry carried a cardboard box up out of the basement. She stopped for a second and then put the box down at […]

  • Hypotenuse


    Jerry sat next to Dennis his second day, but just rocked in his plastic blue chair and stared at the triangle on the dry erase board for the eight minutes before the bell. Dennis’s hands were calloused and his nails were too short. Jerry was disappointed in his own hands’ lack of character. He asked […]

  • Runner


    I spill the popcorn after complaining about Berry spilling it last time, which is what I get, he says. I spend too long outside in the hall talking to a man in joggers with a ring on his right ring finger. When I get back with a new tub, I try my best to catch […]