My Review of The Wall Street Journal

I’m currently reading The Wall Street Journal Monday through Saturday. I’m reading more newspapers because of business school. This is my review of the newspaper.

The Wall Street Journal Review

Why I Picked Up The Wall Street Journal

For my Wall Street Journal review, I figured it would be best to walk you through why I tried it out in the first place. Starting business school is scary. At least it was scary for me. Most of my previous education experience was creativity related: creative writing, art, American literature, and literary theory. My job experience often fluctuates between retail and customer service. However, a few years ago I ended up working in an office in a professional setting. Now I’m in an MBA program, and we’ll just have to see what happens next. Recently, someone recommended that I try out some newspapers along with my business classes. That does make some sense. After all, I read literary journals and stuff while I was studying creative writing and literature.

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I Ate At Ramsi’s Cafe On the World For the First Time

I went to eat at Ramsi’s Cafe On the World, a local restaurant here in Louisville. It took my friend and I twenty minutes to decide what to order, because we’re complicated like that. Also, the menu had such a wide variety of dishes, because the name of the restaurant is Ramsi’s Cafe On the World, which makes sense when you look at the menu. I ended up ordering something called a “Louis Marsala”. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into, but I figured what the hell? It has the name Louis in it, and I live in Louisville, KY, so it’s probably awesome. I’ve always been highly logical like that. My friend ordered something, can’t remember what, but he didn’t screw up when he annunciated the name of his dish to our server like I did mine. Louis is actually a very confusing name to try to pronounce if you’re reading it while you do it. What are you supposed to do with that ‘s’?

In the twenty minutes or so that it took to get our food, my friend and I turned our heads around to all the art on the walls. Yes, Ramsi’s Cafe On the World is also a good place to take a date, because you can look at the art if you’re bored with your date while you’re waiting on your food to come.

Louis Marsala

The food was actually really good for a chicken marinated in a wine soup. Some potatoes were also involved, and some other stuff. It was soupy, but everything in the soupy part was whole and solid, because I guess that’s the point. If a place is good, you always get the point of it.

The point is, if I ever get a date to pay for me, I’ll probably go back. I’ll spend forever trying to find a dish that I feel confident in annunciating, and I’ll practice the words as seemingly simple as Louis to you until the server comes. And next time I’m trying desert.

Ramsi’s Cafe on the World is a fancy smancy restaurant on Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky.

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I Ordered Cooked Food At A Sushi Place

Every now and then, when I have $20-$30, I go to Dragon King’s Daughter on Bardstown Road. It’s a sushi and taco fusion restaurant that I always remember as the place that brings out a big bottle of water for me to drink while I spend twenty minutes looking at the menu because I never know how I want to dress my raw fish tacos. I always get some kind of raw fish because I feel like if you’re in a place with sushi and you don’t get sushi, or at least some sort of concoction with raw fish in it, you’re missing the point of the place. The last time I went, I got cooked teriyaki on my tacos instead, because every time I say the word always, I always end up contradicting myself.

From the selection of sauces, I chose teriyaki sauce to go in my dipping cup, because I couldn’t think of any sauce that went with teriyaki sauce besides teriyaki sauce. I regret getting the taco with red onions. I must have momentarily flashed back to my sandwich-shop-working days, where red onions went on pretty much everything. Red onions don’t work on teriyaki tacos. Everything else was pretty okay. I mean, the tortillas used for the tacos are kinda bland, but it’s teriyaki tacos and they gave me extra sauce. Also they have Mexican Coke in a bottle. Also, water.

It’s a cute date place. The art on the walls is always very distracting so that you don’t have to look all awkwardly at your date the whole time. The bathroom light shuts off on you while you’re trying to pee, though. But their sushi is pretty good. Well plated, tastes like raw fish with vegetables and rice is supposed to taste like, and if you want, you can get a taco. I love tacos. Comment below and tell everyone how much I love tacos, because you know it’s the truth.

Dragon King’s Daughter is a sushi and taco fusion restaurant on Bardstown Road in Louisville, KY and New Albany, IN.

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I Ate At Mark’s Feed Store For The First Time

I was trying to figure out what to write today and all I could really figure out was that I was going to write about some food I ate at a place I’d never been before in a city I’ve lived in for almost two years.

This is what I ordered.


I don’t actually remember what it all was called. I only took the one picture and I didn’t take notes. I think it’s a pork sandwich, some sort of stew, and onion fries. Our server was really nice even though we came in late during the last thirty minutes that the kitchen was open and she knew the menu well and she helped me pick my food because I don’t know a damn thing about barbecue because I don’t like to get my hands messy.

Okay, I googled the place and there’s a menu online. Burgoo is what the stew is called. Burgoo.

The burgoo was just a little annoyingly spicy, which might be how burgoo is supposed to be, I have no idea, because I don’t know anything about burgoo. I want to go back, but I don’t want to get the burgoo again, because it was annoyingly spicy and I had to drink my Coke too fast and pee too much. The pork sandwich was good, though. The half I ate there was, anyway. I ate slow and had to get a to-go box because my friend and I talked too much about life and forgot to eat while it was hot. I also got on Grindr too much, because this Mark’s Feed Store is on Bardstown Road in Louisville and that’s where all the gay people go to sit in bars, not gay bars but “all inclusive bars” (here’s an article from the Leo Weekly about the concept), and get intoxicated. I didn’t go to any of the bars after my friend and I ate because I actually really had to pee.

Anyway, I found some guy on Grindr to show my friend and we talked about that while my food got cold, and the next morning I heated my pork sandwich up in the microwave and ate it, most of it. My cat took some, because she’s a cat like that. So I guess Mark’s Feed Store is pretty rad.

I give Mark’s Feed Store three out of four gay bars.

Mark’s Feed Store has several locations in Louisville, as well as locations in Elizabethtown, KY and New Albany, IN.

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