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  • Replacement Parts – Short Story

    Replacement Parts – Short Story

    I hope you like this week’s short story, “Replacement Parts”. Typo hunters are welcome. If you like this story, check out my other short stories that I post on Fridays. You can also buy my fiction collection, Crushes, if you’re into that. Replacement Parts I dropped the fifty on the white countertop and eyed how […]

  • Binoculars – Short Story

    Binoculars – Short Story

    Here is my short story for today’s Friday Fiction post – “Binoculars”. Typo hunters, welcome. If you like my work, check out my fiction collection, Crushes. Binoculars  I liked his binoculars hanging down his back. One of the eye pieces was missing a cap. I touched the cold dark green metal and told him I […]

  • Knees – Short Story

    Knees – Short Story

    Here is this week’s short story, “Knees”. If you like my fiction, please buy a copy of my fiction collection, Crushes, available on Amazon in Print and on Amazon Kindle. Knees Mark drove as straight as he could after Betty pulled over when she screamed at the deer in front of us. We all laughed. Mark […]

  • Switching Bedrooms – Short Story

    Switching Bedrooms – Short Story

    I write short stories and post them on my blog on Fridays. I hope you like this short story, “Switching Bedrooms.” If you like my fiction, check out my fiction collection, Crushes. Switching Bedrooms I wrap myself in the soft fuzz of it all every night except the second Monday of every quarter, when I […]

  • I’m Starting Graduate School in August

    I’m Starting Graduate School in August

    Let me back up a little bit. I used to have a lot of other blog posts on this website, but they’ve all been deleted because I forgot to pay my web hosting bill once. Okay, I guess that’s not entirely true – that would’ve been easily recoverable. I’m not even really sure what happened. […]