“Light’s out.” Jonathan pointed to the star atop the Christmas tree. “Don’t say anything about it. Not even when we put up the decorations,” I said. He put his finger down before Aunt Sherry carried a cardboard box up out of the basement. She stopped for a second and then put the box down at… Continue reading Meeting


I spill the popcorn after complaining about Berry spilling it last time, which is what I get, he says. I spend too long outside in the hall talking to a man in joggers with a ring on his right ring finger. When I get back with a new tub, I try my best to catch… Continue reading Runner

Dialing For A Paycheck – Fiction

Detective Mark sat at his short metal desk across the row from Detectives Logsdon and Ballou. Mark read reports. He drank coffee while he held the phone against his ear with his shoulder and dialed and stared at a report. “I’m trying to reach a Mr. Geer. Yes, I’m Detective Andy Mark I was wondering… Continue reading Dialing For A Paycheck – Fiction