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  • Ron Carlson Writes A Story and The Governor’s Ball

    My second semester at the University of Louisville is coming to end. In some ways, it was a better semester than my last. I got to write some more, and I actually got to participate in my first master class. Thank you, Michelle Latiolais! I also learned a lot about myself as a writer this […]

  • Boys, Widow, and The Zen Thing

    The past month has been a season of workshops and rewrites. I’m close to completing another version of one of my short stories for my creative-writing class; it’s a piece that I’ve been working on for pretty much most of the semester. I’m also planning my summer living arrangements, (hoping, praying, begging the universe that things just […]

  • Emergency, Moonwalk, and Testimony of A Pilot

    I’ve written three short stories this semester. And when I say written, I don’t mean finished. I’ve also started submitting a pretty good story from last semester that I’m pretty proud of to over twenty literary journals. No bites yet, but I think I managed to somehow get a higher tier rejection from Granta Magazine […]

  • The Birth-Mark, The Thing In The Forrest, and A Wall of Fire Rising

    This is the first weekend that I don’t have a crap ton of papers due, or any major assignments other than reading The Savage Detectives, a novel by Roberto Belaño. I should be done with it by now, but I’m still kind of recovering from not-Ebola. I read “A Wall of Fire Rising”, by Edwidge Danticat in The […]

  • Gorilla My Love, The Indian Uprising, and Charity

    I’m failing a class about sex and I’m sick and Ebola. Okay, I’ve just returned from Googling the symptoms of Ebola, and I’ve determined that I don’t have Ebola. I just feel like I’m dying for some other reason. … This semester is about half over. Between my writing, my classes at UofL, and my attempts […]

  • Flannery O’Connor, Edgar Allan Poe, and Kincaid

    Classes are in full swing at the University of Louisville. It’s only been about a month and I’m already worried about my GPA taking a big hit this semester. Adjusting to classes that meet three days a week instead of just once a week like they did at the EKU Danville Campus is a lot […]

  • Sonny’s Blues, Bartleby the Scrivener, and Cathedral

    As I revealed earlier, I’m reading every story from my college English text; The Norton Introduction of Literature by Kelly J. Mays, just because. My bookmark currently rests between pages 69 and 70 in the Norton book. My goal was to read it cover-to-cover, but the syllabus wouldn’t cooperate with that idea. For the last few classes, […]