I Kind Of Want A Nespresso Machine

I wanted to buy a Nespresso machine when our old coffee maker quit, but my roommate bought a new Ninja instead. Either way, we have a lot of leftover K-Cups and I’m dunno what to do with them.

What happened was, my roommate bought all these Keurig pods a while back. I don’t really use Keurig pods, but they were here and we had this coffee maker that used them. He kept buying Keurig pods for some reason. Then, a few weeks ago, I tried to put a Keurig pod into the coffee maker and it wouldn’t, um, go down into it? I told him I guess the Keurig machine broke. He was like, “Okay”, because that’s what he says most of the time when I break things.

So, yesterday, he bought this new Ninja coffee maker. Here’s what it looks like.

But, this coffee machine doesn’t have a K-Cup thingy, so we are just breaking open the K-Cups and using the single serve brewing option until we are out of these. I can’t wait to be done with them because I have some coffee beans from the local coffee shop that I really want to brew.

It took me forever to find an exact match for the Ninja on Amazon. I think it’s out of stock until November or something. I found it though. I’ll link to it below with an affiliate ad. Just so you know, I’m a member of the Amazon Associates Program and I earn from qualifying purchases with the ad below.

Should I get a Nespresso machine instead?

I’m also really contemplating getting a Nespresso machine, because a lot of people I follow on Twitter got one, and I’m SUPER gullible. Plus I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be in a real cult. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the Nespresso machines. Please comment at the bottom of the post.

Here’s the Nespresso machine I think I want. Again, I’m a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earn money from qualifying purchases from the ad below.

I am a coffee snob. I go to coffee shops every day, and I have an espresso machine at home. For my black coffee, I use a French press. One day, I will get a REAL espresso machine, but for now I just have this one below. And, again, I’m a member of the Amazon Associates Program and I earn from qualifying purchases with the ad below.

So yeah, that’s what I’m doing this weekend. Things that I can drink a lot of coffee while doing. What are you doing this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

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Me getting my latte yesterday on my lunch break.
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On Decaf Coffee

I’ve been drinking decaf coffee in the mornings for few weeks if I’m working from the office. It’s hard for me to describe how it tastes.

My first experience with decaf coffee was when I was about seven years old. My grandmother drank decaf coffee when she ate donuts for breakfast. She would drink regular coffee any other time, but I think she felt like she needed to cut down on something when she ate donuts for breakfast. A friend of the family was staying with us at the time. When I came into the kitchen that morning, this friend of the family was pouring herself breakfast into a bowl from of a plastic storage container that my grandmother kept on top of the refrigerator. Grandmother hated cereal boxes. The cereal always went stale the next day, she said. Grandmother was eating her soggy donuts at the kitchen table, dipping her donuts slowly, and eating them even slower.

I looked at my grandmother, looked over at the friend of the family, and then back at my grandmother. Grandmother and I exchanged looks for a moment. The looks were our way of acknowledging to one another that we both understood the situation we were in. Our friend, who had just finished pouring the milk into the bowl, had started eating what she must’ve thought it was cereal. It was cat food. We didn’t know how to tell her, so we just ignored it. When presented with the choice of cat food or donuts for breakfast, I made a choice that I still feel pretty good about. I grabbed a donut from the pale green box on the table. Grandmother scooted her coffee over to me, and I dipped. I enjoyed the sogginess of the donuts and the taste of the coffee that smothered it.

It wasn’t that the coffee tasted like a donut, but to me the coffee tasted like a grainy bread. So that’s what decaf coffee tastes like to me. Grainy bread, and trying not to tell someone they’re eating cat food that they think is cereal.

Do you prefer cat food or cereal? Sound off in the comments! You can also follow me on Twitter and like my page on Facebook.

Eric Shay Howard Hoodie and Coffee Selfie
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