My Photos

I practice street photography sometimes. These are some of my favorites.

Equipment I Use

I generally use a Canon camera. My current Canon camera is an EOS Rebel 3. I don’t have a lot of money so I don’t upgrade too often. I also sometimes use my cell phone. My current cell phone is a Samsung Galaxy S 9 Plus. I’m an amateur, but I do not believe you have to have the latest and greatest, especially for street photography.

My Experience with Street Photography

I’m still very new to this type of creative work, and with using a DSLR camera. I’ve settled on street photography as my favorite genre of photography. I’ve only really been practicing it for a little over a year. I maybe get one or two good photos every few months. I don’t worry about titles for the photos or about dates. I think a photo should just speak for itself.

I try to put the good ones here on this page when I recognize them. When I first started, I went out every day and took photos. Now I only have time to do it once or twice every few weeks or so. I don’t frequently get paid to take photos, I just like getting out and doing street photography.

Most of my photos are taken in Downtown Louisville, or the Nulu area. The parks and waterfront areas are the easiest place for me to get photos of people. I’m still a little shy so I don’t get as close as I probably should. However, I also prefer some context in the scene as well.

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Do you like photography? What camera do you use? Do you have any constructive criticism of my work? Do you like another genre of photography better? Also, do you take photos? Feel free to leave a comment on this page below! You can share a link if you have a website. I’ll try to let people know via social media when there are enough new photos added to this page.

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