If My Blog Was As Good As The Others I’d Not Have Posted This

If my blog was a good as that other blog you read, I wouldn't be posting about how I'd normally save Wednesdays for an author interview, or maybe a book review. But since I have no book reviews or author interviews, I'll just have to post about what I post on Mondays, which is usually about how my writing is going. I'm writing. It's sentence by sentence. It's slow. I don't have ideas. I just sit down and write words. I get ideas from reading my first drafts. If this was an author interview, I'd probably ask them if they…

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Three Stories Into My Second Fiction Collection

I'm writing my second fiction collection. Remember when I finished my first fiction collection? Well, even though it's not been accepted for publication anywhere yet, I'm already working on another one. I didn't get any new editing clients last week, so I wrote. I managed to get three new short stories drafted up. It's not a lot but it's enough to call a start. These stories still need polishing. They still have their problems. They still need to do a little growing. I would love to share them with you once they're ready. I can't publish them all on my…

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The Skateboard For Under The Desk

I bought a skateboard so I could get into skateboarding, for reasons.

So here I am in the middle of transitioning myself from a part-time job in customer service to a job as a full time writer and editor, with a dash of blogging on the side, and I miss my bus. I missed my bus to my part-time job that pays my rent while I figure out this working for myself thing and I’m like, well, fuck. I’m new at the dry cleaner place. I’m in trouble. (more…)

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The End We Start From Book Review

Remember when I was moving?

So after I got done moving, got my internet fixed, got caught up on some literary responsibilities, and got some job interview practice in, I started reading The End We Start From, by Megan Hunter. The publisher agreed to let me read it early here in the US, for some reason. Hey, you don’t have to give me permission to do something twice. I probably should’ve posted this sooner, but the book didn’t come out here in the states until last Tuesday, and I got confused since this was my first time reading a book in a market early. I’m probably in trouble. Though, I certainly hope to be able to do this again soon. This is my The End We Start From review.


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New Writing Plan: Stay Pumped

I’m pumped.

I finished some work for one of my first editing clients. I’m pumped. Have a book review to post soon for a new book I read that’s about to come out. I’m pumped about that. I’m off from the part-time job today, too. Pumped. Real pumped. Gonna go to a coffee shop and work on some short stories. Gonna get some more short stories for my blog. Gotta get a few more. Gotta have some useful stuff to tweet and post to Facebook. Gotta get my blog making money so I can quit my part-time job and do my blogging and writing and editing thing. Gotta stay pumped. (more…)

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