If I had to pick a niche for this blog, you know, besides just random blog posts about my life, it would be creativity. I have lots of ideas about how to help people be more creative. This page is a collection of some of my more interesting posts with actual information in them.

The first thing I’ll say about being creative is: you have to practice doing anything before you’re good at it. I use my blog to practice being creative every day. I try to write something interesting, but I try not to go on and on. The quick exercise of writing a blog post about SOMETHING every day, even if it’s just 300 words or so, helps me a lot.

For me, my creative endeavor of choice is usually creative writing. I like writing fiction. I write fiction every day. I sometimes post that fiction on my blog. I rewrite them sometimes. After a while, and after I get some of them really polished, I’ll graduate them to my “Free Stories” section of my website. This usually only happens to select few of the stories I post. I also write stories that I don’t post at all.

Read These Blog Posts About Creative Writing

Every now and then, I talk about things related to my preferred crafts that allow me to explore my creativity. These are usually creative writing related.

Read These Blog Posts Showing My Creativity

Sometimes, I just try to write a really good blog post about something.

Read These Books That Will Help You With Being Creative

I also think its important to read other creative things from other creative people. Models like these help you to figure out what things should end up being like. Here are some books that really helped me with creative writing.

Hurry Please I Want To Know is a fiction collection by Paul Griner. He is a professor at the University of Louisville, where I got my BA, but I never had him as a professor. This is the best short fiction collection I’ve ever read, and I read a lot of short fiction as an editor of a literary magazine. (Just so you know, I’m a member of the Amazon Associates Program and the below links are affiliate ads. I earn money from qualifying purchases from the links below.)

Ron Carlson Writes A Story is a must read for short fiction writers. Ron Carlson’s theory on inventory is one of the most helpful creative writing tools I’ve come across. (Again, the link below is an ad and I earn from qualifying purchases when you use the links below.)

Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott is one of those books that every creative person says you should read. I didn’t read it until very recently. But, it would be super helpful for lots of creative individuals, whether you write fiction, nonfiction, films, ext. (Just so you know, the link below is an affiliate ad and I earn money from qualifying purchases.)

I also read The One Hour MFA by Michael Kimball in college. It was a quick read and a good summary of writing literary fiction, which was my focus. (Again, the link below is an affiliate ad and I may earn from qualifying purchases.)

Read These Blog Posts About College Life

Something else that really helped me learn how to be more creative was getting a liberal arts degree. I got my degree in English. I’m in an MBA program now, which is a bit different. Whether your goal is to be more creative or not, furthering your education is an important step. Here are some interesting blog posts about college that you may find useful.