I write fiction.

I write fiction in my spare time. Short fiction and novelettes, mostly. I generally submit my fiction to literary journals and magazines, and collect rejection letters. Sometimes I publish my stories here on my blog. Details on how the stories end up on this page are below.

How Fiction & Stories Get On This Page

Every so often, I will post a rough draft of a short story or piece of fiction that I’ve recently written. Those drafts stay on my blog but don’t always make it to this page. Occasionally, I’ll rewrite the drafts and feel confident enough in them to post them on this page.

The fiction on this page may change every so often, depending on what I’m confident in at the time. I don’t write to a specific theme or set out to accomplish any particular goals with my writing.

Eventually, when I get enough stories written, whether they’re on the blog or not, I publish them in a book. My books can be found here. Some of these free stories on this page make it to the books, some of them don’t. Typo hunters, welcome.

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