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New Writing Plan: Stay Pumped

I’m pumped.

I finished some work for one of my first editing clients. I’m pumped. Have a book review to post soon for a new book I read that’s about to come out. I’m pumped about that. I’m off from the part-time job today, too. Pumped. Real pumped. Gonna go to a coffee shop and work on some short stories. Gonna get some more short stories for my blog. Gotta get a few more. Gotta have some useful stuff to tweet and post to Facebook. Gotta get my blog making money so I can quit my part-time job and do my blogging and writing and editing thing. Gotta stay pumped.

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I’m Working Part-Time While Building Clients

I figure others who are starting a new editing business, or any other kind of business, may also have another job while they start building clients.

I offer proofreading and editing services for manuscripts, ads, papers, blogs, websites, and lots of other stuff involving words. I’ve also been a blogger for a while. Blogging about my editing business is still something I want to do once its a real source of income. I’m a writer, after all. While I’m working on building clients at my new business, I also work a part-time job to help stabilize my income.

I figure there’s no reason why I can’t start blogging about my editing business now. Why let such a little fact like my business not being all there yet stop me from blogging about it? The answer is I shouldn’t, and neither should anyone.

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I Didn’t Blog For A Month Because I Almost Got A Client

I took a month off from blogging to focus on my freelance editing business.

Business isn’t exactly booming yet, but there’s been a little activity here and there. I’ve mostly received questions about my services. How much do I charge for freelance editing? What’s considered short? Long? How long does it normally take for what I need? It was a good opportunity to look at the details of what I’ll be doing and re-clarify and reclassify some things. You can see a more focused and detailed page about what editing services I offer here.

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