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My Review of The Wall Street Journal

I’m currently reading The Wall Street Journal Monday through Saturday. I’m reading more newspapers because of business school. This is my review of the newspaper.

The Wall Street Journal Review

Why I Picked Up The Wall Street Journal

For my Wall Street Journal review, I figured it would be best to walk you through why I tried it out in the first place. Starting business school is scary. At least it was scary for me. Most of my previous education experience was creativity related: creative writing, art, American literature, and literary theory. My job experience often fluctuates between retail and customer service. However, a few years ago I ended up working in an office in a professional setting. Now I’m in an MBA program, and we’ll just have to see what happens next. Recently, someone recommended that I try out some newspapers along with my business classes. That does make some sense. After all, I read literary journals and stuff while I was studying creative writing and literature.

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Taking Notes In My MBA Program

Hello, everyone. I’ve been busy again. I’m currently in a financial management class in my MBA program and it’s, um, different. Or, at least it’s different for an English-degree holder. For this class and many others in the school of business, I’ve had to take a lot of notes. I have noticed over the course of my graduate program that my notetaking methods have changed.

I won’t be reinventing the wheel here, but it may be interesting (to me, anyway) to look back on someday to see how my notetaking methods change in the future. Hopefully someone finds it useful.

My notes on my Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and my disc-bound notebook system from staples
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