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  • Continuing My Education – Thoughts On Udemy and LinkedIn Learning Platforms

    Continuing My Education – Thoughts On Udemy and LinkedIn Learning Platforms

    Hello, fellow creatives! It’s time a brutally honest post. I don’t make very much money from my writing, so I have a day job at a firm. I have an MBA and I’m proud of it because it was actually hard and took a lot of work. I coordinate IT stuff in an office and […]

  • Why I Love Writing Short Fiction

    Why I Love Writing Short Fiction

    You may have noticed that one of the main things I post on my blog is short fiction. Don’t get me wrong, I blog about life and stuff throughout the week, too, but if you’ve looked around on my website you’ve probably found links to my fiction collection and my short stories. This is because […]

  • My Review of The Wall Street Journal

    My Review of The Wall Street Journal

    I’m currently reading The Wall Street Journal Monday through Saturday. I’m reading more newspapers because of business school. This is my review of the newspaper. Why I Picked Up The Wall Street Journal For my Wall Street Journal review, I figured it would be best to walk you through why I tried it out in […]

  • The Ending of LOST (Spoiler Alert)

    The Ending of LOST (Spoiler Alert)

    This is random and I’m sorry. Look, I know LOST has been off the air forever and a day. I know that most people have moved on from it. Hell, even I have moved on. But every now and then, no actually all the time, people say something about the ending of LOST that sends […]

  • Let’s Talk About Typos

    Let’s Talk About Typos

    Here’s the thing about me and typos. I don’t see typos, at least not in my own work. I know a good editor should, but I don’t see them and I no longer care. At least not here on this blog. Do I care when I submit my stories to lit journals or my books […]

  • The End We Start From Book Review

    Remember when I was moving? So after I got done moving, got my internet fixed, got caught up on some literary responsibilities, and got some job interview practice in, I started reading The End We Start From, by Megan Hunter. The publisher agreed to let me read it early here in the US, for some […]

  • The Miniaturist Review – Returning Books To My College Professor Part 2

    I graduated from college and moved into a new house with my boyfriend this week. So, naturally, I’ve got a few loose ends to tie up. A few weeks ago, as I was cleaning my room for the move, I mentioned in my blog that I’d found some of my professor’s books that she let me […]