My Thoughts On Twitter

These Are My Thoughts On Twitter

For a few weeks, I’ve been sitting in the back row, watching my Twitter timeline and the blogs that blog about it. I don’t want to say anything about it. Businesses change hands all the time. Usually, it happens behind closed doors, or as less of a spectacle anyway. Not all of these leadership changes are good, and not all of them are done well. There are often issues with office culture and new leadership not seeing eye-to-eye at first, or even forever. But, Human Resources does their thing, both internally and externally, Marketing does their thing, both publicly and privately, and executive leadership does their thing, and all hopefully in accordance with the companies “new” agreed-upon values and mission statement, which sometimes takes a few months to develop. So, I’ve not been worried, really. Just sort of watching and taking notes. But, it’s reached a point to where people in my personal life are starting to question why I haven’t closed my Twitter account yet. And the answer is, I think about it sometimes. I’ve thought about it before Musk acquired Twitter. And, yes, I’m thinking about it more now due to the spectacle that is before us all. But I haven’t yet because I’m falling back on what I know, or what I think I know, which is probably not as much as I think I do. But basically, it’s what I said before: businesses change hands all the time. These problems happen all the time in private companies and even publicly traded companies, but the nature of the product being what it is has presented us, the public, with an opportunity to witness it in an easier way than we have before. So, I’m watching because I can, preparing for the worst because that’s just smart, but also not deleting my account because I kind of like having access to the spectacle, and because everything I’ve learned these last few years about business suggests that this isn’t really anything that new, what’s new is our access to it, and if Twitter does shutter down, it likely won’t be as a direct result of anything that’s happened these last few weeks, but as a cumulative consequence of a company not doing well for so long already anyway, and the decisions they’ve made because of it, including the decisions over the last few weeks. Having said all of that, I guess I did want to say something about it, or maybe I didn’t want to but just did anyway. It doesn’t matter.

Let Me Add Your Website To My Sidebar

But, I did add a bunch of people’s websites my blogroll on my website’s sidebar so that I can keep up with people off Twitter if that time comes. If you wanna be mutuals, drop your blog link in the comments and I’ll check it out.

If internal leadership gets its stuff together and Twitter continues as a service, then great. I’ve got some projects I need to finish that will utilize the service, and I’m sure I’ll continue to post announcements and nonsense on it just as I have been. If it does go away, then I’ll just keep up with people’s personal websites and blogs. I will miss Twitter; it was a great tool for when I was growing the old literary magazine I used to run.

I have some projects I need to finish for classes, and all of this Twitter stuff has been distracting me from them. And of course I haven’t been able to check Twitter in front of anyone else without them telling me about how I should close my account because it’s dead or because some decision made recently didn’t quite fit into their framework of what is right. Having chosen not to delete my account (yet) doesn’t mean I disagree with any of those frameworks (I am a registered democrat and tend to lean on the liberal side of things), it just means I didn’t reach the same inevitable conclusion as some of my friends have about the service based on the disconnect of leadership’s decision and that specific framework (yet). None of this is meant to be definitive, or meant to serve as a “final thoughts” statement on the subject. I’m watching the shenanigans daily, just like everyone else.

Anyway, I’m a little behind. So, with that, I think I need to get off of here and finish these projects. I have two class projects, an editing project, and a project that I didn’t have an exact deadline for but I’m sure has passed even though I haven’t been scolded for it yet. Thanks for letting me vent about my thoughts on Twitter. I think I just needed to get it out of me so I could focus on my class projects. Of course, all these thoughts are subject to change daily, or in accordance with something new I learn or find about it.

I’ll write again soon.

By Eric Shay Howard

Eric Shay Howard lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He's the author of the fiction collection, Crushes, and is a literary editor. He also works at a law firm and is writing his second book. He's a graduate student in the Bluegrass Writers Studio MFA in Creative Writing program at Eastern Kentucky University.

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