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My Writing This Week – Incorporating Writing Back Into My Daily Life

My Writing This Week – Incorporating Writing Back Into My Daily Life

Holly crap, you guys! I have been busy and I haven’t posted any blog posts this week. I’ve actually been working on a few “more useful” blog posts, but I didn’t get them finished this week. I’ve also been using my time to write more throughout the week, because I know when I start the MFA Program this summer, I’m going to have to kick that into gear. One of the advantages of a low-residency MFA was pointed out to me this week – I’ll be learning how to incorporate writing into my daily life at home better.

I’ve been taking it really slow, writing about five new pages a week for the last two weeks. That’s more than I usually do, which the last few years has been a page or two a week, maybe. But, that’s NEW pages. If you know me, you know that I tend to spend a lot of time rewriting, and that’s where I think the majority of my writing time goes. Not sure anymore if that’s good or bad. There’s a story I’ve been rewriting since December and I’m thinking about doing one more rewrite of it and then sending it off into a particular contest, but I only have another week or so before that deadline.

I don’t want to stress myself out before I even start the MFA program, so I’m trying not to do too much. I’ve been attending more literary readings lately, mostly virtual. I even attended an open-mic night recently. I didn’t read. I just listened, battled my cat over Zoom, and tried to be present. I also became a member of my local literary arts organization, and have been attending readings and virtual events that they’ve hosted as well.

Anyway, I hope you’ve all had a good week. Let me know how it was in the comments. I’ll try to post more next week.

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  1. It’s been a chaotic week lol, my work is installing new carpeting throughout the whole building, and we’re all thankful it’s almost done. I finally watched that movie that’s up for a lot of awards, CODA, and because of that movie, I’m gonna try to attempt to learn ASL. Also, as you know, I’m gonna try Discord and hopefully it won’t be a mess lol.

    • I still need to watch CODA… I took a semester of ASL years ago but never took the second semester. It was pretty hard to get the grammar/face right. I think I ended up with like an 89 – high B in the class.

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