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I’m Reading Less by Andrew Sean Greer

I’m Reading Less by Andrew Sean Greer

I’m reading the novel Less by Andrew Sean Greer. I know. Big deal. A writer reads. Whatever. I actually kind of feel bad because I’ve also been reading less (not as much of) for a year or so. I finally finished The Goldfinch in 2020 after starting it in 2015, Right after that I bought a whole bunch of books that I was going to read right away. Well, I didn’t, and here we are. Also, the books I bought were audiobooks. I get read to now. It’s just nicer. More nice? Hold on, I have to google this one. Okay, it’s nicer.

Reading Less by Andrew Sean Greer

Anyway, Less is actually pretty good so far. I try to read the Pulitzers when it comes to novels because I don’t get assigned reading anymore and it’s a list that’s already available with supposedly good books on it. I appreciate the gay protagonist. There’s also some humor to it, but not haha funny, just sort oh okay ha funny. I’m going to have to get a print copy because I really like it. Yes, that’s what I do now. I get the audiobook first and then if that goes well I get the print copy. I’m sorry but I’m busy and I can’t read everything.

Listening To Audiobooks

My thirty-minute walks to work and back are great for being read to. I put on my Apple AirPods Max and walk down the street laughing and making faces and shaking my head. I just really stopped caring what people think once it turned 35. Not sure why 35, but whatever.

I still want to look at the words of the books I really like at some point to study them for craft, but if I try to read everything I’ll be back to where I was with The Goldfinch and I won’t finish anything unless a professor holds it over my head for a grade or something.

Gotta go into the office now. In case you missed it yesterday, I posted about some books that really helped me with my writing.

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