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I Applied To Four MFA Programs

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I applied to Four MFA programs. Just Four. I probably won’t get into any of them, because they’re MFA programs. But, it’s a lot like submitting to literary journals and lit mags; you just sort of apply anyway. I didn’t want to apply to all of the MFA programs in existence or anything – there were a select few that I’d been thinking about that I meet the qualifications for. Those were the programs I applied to and I guess we’ll see what happens.

Why I’m Applying To MFA Programs

My MBA is nice and it’ll help me wherever I end up in the future. It was a degree I got because I needed the security of having well-rounded business education. The MFA is what I WANT. Applying to MFA programs is sort of stressful because you have to write letters of intent and submit a super vulnerable creative writing sample, and sometimes and essay. I wrote a complete different letter of intent for each school that I applied to because, well, I just figured you were sort of supposed to?

Whether I get into an MFA or not, I’m still going to write a lot, and keep posting my short stories on Fridays.

Anyway, short blog post today because it’s been super busy. I just found out that I have to go pick up the dog from day camp, because he is spoiled and goes to day camp. A storm is coming and everyone is closing everything. I also just found out I’m working from home tomorrow. The last day I worked from home, I completely messed up my beard before a presentation and had to shave it all off. I can’t promise anything tomorrow.




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Bluegrass Writers Studio MFA Summer Residency, 2022. Photo by Ben Keeling.

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