I’m Still Afraid of the Dentist

after the dentist

Last week, I posted about my fear of the dentist and how I had to have a tooth pulled. I hadn’t been to the dentist in a ridiculously long, gross, and unhealthy amount of time. I went back to the dentist today for a deep cleaning and to get my wisdom teeth removed. I was still as afraid as I was last week, but this time they gave me nitrous oxide.

So, I was screaming on the inside but completely fine on the outside. Also fine on the inside. I guess it was less screaming on the inside and more polite “just so you know this doesn’t feel like rainbows and cotton candy” or whatever.

He basically had to numb my whole side of my mouth, top and bottom, (we did the left side today) and do a deep, deep cleaning. I watched a jungle nature show on Animal Planet because they had a TV on the ceiling. I watched it by crossing my eyes (because I have special eyes) so that I could see around his head. I just sort of waited for two hours while he deep-deep cleaned, and then he removed my wisdom teeth and one other tooth that needed to go. Apparently it was the one in the very back.

I go back in February for him to do the right side the same way, plus remove the wisdom teeth. I also think he might pull one more tooth on that side. Then I think he’s going to look into doing a few root canals on some of my other teeth, and possibly I might need an implant if he has to pull one of the others.

He prescribed me some steroids, and some antibiotics, because I’m gross and have lots of infection. When I got home, I watched Cobra Kai and ate some broccoli & cheese soup because it said to take with food. I hope I didn’t mess anything up.

I’m writing this on Wednesday night. Now I’m going to try to go to bed. I requested off work tomorrow for a half day. I’m going to try to go into work tomorrow morning for a little while, but I dunno I guess we’ll see how I feel tomorrow once all of the anesthesia is completely out of my system. I for sure won’t be able to say much, but I can email I guess.

I’m still 1000% percent afraid of the dentist, but the nitrous oxide is really nice. It felt like I had two Against The Grain “Citra Ass Down” beers the whole time. If I’d known that worked that way I’d probably have gone to the dentist already and not let my mouth get this out of shape. I also didn’t say or do anything too weird, or pee all over myself or anything, so I’m putting that in the win column.

By Eric Shay Howard

Eric Shay Howard lives in Indianapolis. He's a teacher, a literary editor, and writer. He's a graduate student in the Bluegrass Writers Studio MFA in Creative Writing program at Eastern Kentucky University. He also has MBA and BA degrees.

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