I’m A WGU Alumni Ambassador

I received an email a few days ago. I’m now officially a Western Governors University Alumni Ambassador. That means I get to travel some and help with WGU events and also answer questions about college from prospective students. This is pretty exciting. I have wanted an education gig for a while now, and while it’s not teaching directly or even really being employed by a university directly, it’s something that I can do and gain a lot of valuable experience from I think.

Why I’m Excited About Being An Alumni Ambassador

It’s a volunteer position. I don’t have enough volunteer experience on my resume. Everyone else’s LinkedIn profiles have volunteer experiences to the brim and I’m just sitting here like, I taught through Americorps for like 6 months once. Volunteer experience is becoming more and more important. Employers really look at that stuff. It shows them a little bit about your interests, plus that section is usually full of plenty of additional experience.

As an Alumni Ambassador, I’ll get professional social networking and marketing experience for sure. I’ll be active on LinkedIn a sharing information about college a lot. I’m pretty sure that I’m also expected to help with any events near my area that WGU does. I will also be able to help with lots other events, maybe even have a good excuse to travel some.

There’s a meeting I have to attend at the end of the week. I’m sure I’ll know more then. If anyone ever has any questions about college or continuing their education, I am available on LinkedIn. You can also message me through my Facebook page. I can also answer any questions about my experience at WGU. If you’re a fellow creative writer or artist, but are also contemplating a business degree, I’m also in a unique place to be able to answer questions about that. My blog is about my creative writing. I post short stories every Friday, but I also have a business side.

Anyway, that’s that email. I’m an official WGU Alumni Ambassador.

I Got An Award

I also got a second email yesterday. Apparently I recieved a “Capstone Excellence Award” for my MBA capstone project. I’ve seen people post about these excellence awards in Facebook groups and I never got one on a paper. Getting one for my capstone feels like a big deal so I’m going to brag about it. I get an official certificate sent to me soon. My digital certificate is also on the way. You know how I feel about certificates from my previous blog post about the LinkedIn Learning and Udemy platforms; I put in the time and effort, so if I get a certificate of any kind for something, I’m going to put that on my brag shelf, too.

That’s two pretty awesome emails in a week, in my opinion!

By Eric Shay Howard

Eric Shay Howard lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He's the author of the fiction collection, Crushes, and is a literary editor. He also works at a law firm and is writing his second book. He's a graduate student in the Bluegrass Writers Studio MFA in Creative Writing program at Eastern Kentucky University.

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