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I Made An Awful Podcast

Elgato Wave 3 Microphone Setup

Hi, I’m Eric and I buy things that I don’t know how to use and start strange projects with them.

Everyone was telling me that I should have a good quality microphone, for good quality 2022 stuff, because it’s the future and what-not. So, I bought one. Then, I wondered what I was supposed to do with it? I have a YouTube channel, but it’s not going super well. I guess I’m not as into it as I used to be. I’m more of a writer/blogger type person, anyway. I know I’m supposed to diversify, so I thought about it a little more. Somehow, I stumbled in to the idea of podcasting. I gave it a go for a few weeks. I think I’m going to keep doing it, for one main reason.

What’s My Podcast About?

First, I’ll just say it: the podcast is complete trash. It’s really more just so that I can play with my microphone. The microphone I bought was the Elgato Wave 3. I’ll share an affiliate link below. If you use the link, I may get money, which I’ll probably use to buy more strange things that I really don’t know what I’m doing with. But, I’m not sure why you’d buy one, because if you’re reading my blog you’re probably into writing and stuff, but hey I don’t really know.

How My First Few Episodes Went

This microphone is really meant for streamers – that’s people who stream live on YouTube or Twitch. They’re probably more interesting than I am. Since I had a YouTube channel and I didn’t really know what to make a podcast about, I went ahead a did a few live shows with it. It took a week for me to get comfortable. Then that Friday, I recorded the first episode of Equipment Test! and posted it to Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It was just about my first week with the microphone and how I bought a microphone and setup a little recording space. I know, groundbreaking stuff.

The second week, I continued to do live shows. I got a few more tools over time: a mic arm, a 4K monitor, a pair of Apple AirPods Max headphones, and some other things. The second episode was also trash. Also, the third and fourth episodes were kind of trash. It’s actually awful, but I’m going to keep doing it, because I’ve discovered something kind of cool.

Why I’m Continuing the Podcast Even Though It’s Trash

My podcast helps me come up with blogging ideas. Now that I’m finished with my MBA, I have more time for being creative. I’ve been blogging a little more. I’m trying to get back into the swing of keep my blog current every week. I’ve been writing more, too. If I can blog more regularly, I figure I can use some of blog posts to talk about in the podcast. If I don’t have enough to write about on the blog, I figure I can use some of the stuff I talk about on my podcast for blog posts. Basically, my podcast will be my blog in audio form. Except, you know, it’ll be different.

Whatever. I bought the microphone and the podcast hosting space so I’m gonna make a podcast every week because I can. And, I think I can blog more now again, too.

There is a link to the podcast on my main menu on this website. You can also find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and many other places. If you’re into trash podcasts, check it out.

Also, here’s that Amazon affiliate link, below. If you use this link, I may get money from Amazon to buy more stuff that I don’t know how to use.




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2 responses to “I Made An Awful Podcast”

  1. Stuart Danker Avatar

    It’s so cool that you’re trying out different mediums. I’ve never really been talented enough to branch out to video or audio, but reading your process has given me inspiration, and maybe I should try too. Thanks for this post, Eric!

    1. Eric Shay Howard Avatar

      I’m mostly just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing if it sticks. 🙂

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