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How My Writing Is Going This Week

How My Writing Is Going This Week

since I’ve been marketing my blog as a blog about creative writing, it’s probably a good idea to write about my writing some, huh? I’ve been blabbing and bragging all week about my successes with my business degree. I’ll probably do that a lot. Maybe I should write at least once a week about how my writing is going?

I must confess, I haven’t actually been able to start on any writing this week yet. In my defense, it’s only been a few days. Although, I do usually do some writing over the weekend and I didn’t do that this time, either. I have been busy with getting my documents in order after graduating with my MBA. (There I go again, bragging about the MBA!)

I am going to write some today when I get home from work. I have some stories already for my short story posts on Fridays, but I’ve still got to keep a good supply of those going so I need to get on the ball. There will also be another rougher draft of a story on my Patreon page this weekend. If you are interested in supporting me, for $3 a month you can see super early drafts of some of my stories every weekend. These drafts are super early, but if you’re interested in the writing process, I think it’s cool to see early stuff.

This was just a short update today, huh? I have to go into the office now for the day job.

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