The Highlands with my 24mm Lens

I went to the Highlands with my new 24mm lens to see if I could get anything interesting over the weekend. I stand by my thoughts from the other day about this lens; it’s good for capturing scenes and sets and vibes in areas. I think my 50mm is better for capturing interesting shots of people. You can see the full resolution of the photos on my Flickr.

Sky Over The Highlands

Runner In The Highlands

Bike Ride In The Highlands

I’m still really into the sepia toned look. I keep waiting for a good photo that would require color, and so far I’m not seeing a photo where color is all that important for its story to come across.

Also, I started using my TikTok account a little more. I record short videos of me out with my camera taking photos. So far, I like it. It makes getting out and getting photos a little mroe fun even when I don’t end up getting anything good.