The Big Four Bridge with my Canon 55-250mm Lens

I’m still working on figuring out how to use my Canon 55-250mm lens a little better. I didn’t get much yesterday on the way home from the office, but I got lucky a few times. Some of them I’d have preferred to have better framing, but with street photography, you get what you get sometimes. You can see the full quality photos on my Flickr.

Big Four Bridge Runner

Louisville Loup Cyclist

Happy Guy

I got lucky with the cyclist shot on the way to the Big Four Bridge. There’s some interesting lighting and reflections going on with his glasses and his face. That smiling guy in the park is so happy. I just had to try to get a good photo of him. He was with a group of guys tossing a frisbee.

Issues With My Canon 55-250mm Lens

I used this same 55-250mm lens from Canon for the photos on the way to the office yesterday. You might notice the slight hazing effect with the 55-250mm lens, a white circular highlight than fans out from the highlights. (Not to be confused with the vignette effect that I add later in Lightroom to pull your eye in towards the center of the photo.)

I’m not sure if this more of the lens’s fault, or if it’s because I’m overcorrecting my exposure in Lightroom too much. I would suspect that it’s maybe a little of both. I don’t think I have this problem as much with my 50mm lens. I’ll have to investigate. Update: I guess I need a UV filter for this lens.

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