Street Photography in Nulu with my Canon 24mm Lens

Today, I received my Canon 24mm lens that I ordered over the weekend. I went for a walk on my lunchbreak with it and snapped a few things. My camera has an APS-C sensor, which means it has a crop factor because it’s not a full frame 35mm sensor. After all the math is applied, my 24mm is basically a 35mm lens on this camera. I primarily used my 50mm lens before I got this, which was essentially an 80mm lens on this camera. Basically, I can get wider shots now. Here’s what I got today. You can see the full resolution shots on my Flickr.

Light Through the Stairs

Nulu Walk

Window Work

I have to be more careful with the sky in my shots. I think the sky was actually okay in these orginally, but I blew them out a little with all the editing in Lightroom. I have some UV and polarizing filers on the way for this lens, too. They were actually delivered before my lens, but because the packages weren’t secured, someone stole them. Luckily, my lens arrived today while I was working from home. At least all they stole were the filters yesterday and not the lens.

At some point I’ll need to stop sharing everything as soon as I get them edited so I can save some for cool projects. I can also maybe sell some limited edition prints or something someday, too.

Let me know what you think of the lens in the comments. I’m still crazy for the sepia toning, too.