Street Photography At The Belvedere

I’ve been blogging this week about practicing with my Conan 55mm-250mm lens on my Rebel SL3. I don’t often get many good photos on my way to work. However, yesterday on my lunchbreak I walked over to do some street photography at The Belvedere in Downtown Louisville. I got some interesting shots. The Belvedere was a great place to get shots of people before the pandemic. Unfortunately, it’s not very urban-like when I’m wanting to go for that. But, it’s still a pretty place.

Street Photography At The Belvedere

I was originally going for a nice black and white photo with nice contrast, but I think the color version might do the scene more justice.

Belvedere Smoke Break

Greener Belvedere Smoke Break

Belvedere Hoodie

Those first shots don’t exactly scream “street photography.” They seem more like landscape photography. That being said, technically these photos are still street photography and I like them. I’m thinking of making a print of the color shot for my wall.

What I Learned With the Canon 55mm-250mm Lens

These were taken with my canon 55mm-250mm lens. I think I’m going to go back to my 50mm lens for a bit. I’ve gotten a week’s worth of practice with the 55-250mm and I learned a few things. First, I learned that I don’t have to zoom with the lens just because I can. It’s only 5 meters difference from the 50mm when I don’t zoom with the lens and it still takes pretty good photos there. It’s just handy to have the zoom when I need it. I also learned that

I like shooting at The Belvedere, but I definitely don’t want to overdo the scene. It’s just an easy place to walk to on my lunch by the office. Maybe if I get a few more decent photos I could sell some prints, or a small book of photography, or even a fiction/photography hybrid. Let me know what you think in the comments, or how your weekend is going. Also, follow me on Instagram, and on Flickr if you are still there because I need more photography friends.