Remembering To Look Behind Me with my 24mm Lens

Sometimes, especially when I’m out with my 50mm lens, I forget to turn around and look behind me. With this new 24mm lens, I wanted to start off strong by at least remembering to turn around and see what’s there. I can get some interesting lighting and perspectives that way. Coming from the 50mm, the 24mm is wider than I’m used to, so I’m still playing with perspective and composition a little. I think these turned out pretty alright for some quick shots. You can see the full resolution on my Flickr.

Looking Up On Market Street

Looking East On Market Street

These photos may not be the most breathtaking, but I like them. I’m going to start experimenting with printing some of my photos soon. I got one shot yesterday that I want to see how it turns out printed.

It’s Friday, so I’m able to relax a little more. I have to catch up on some college stuff this weekend, but I’m still going to make sure I get out for an hour or two each day and take some photos. Hopefully I keep remembering to turn around and look behind me.

I need to work on getting some portraits of people if I want to get some paid gigs. Also, I still need to closer in general for my street photography. I’m pretty comfortable with my 50mm, but I don’t have to get as close with that lens on my current camera, because of the sensor size. Camera stuff is expensive so I figure a good way to get money for it is some side-hustling with my current equipment. I’ll probably start working on that soon.

Have a good weekend and let me know what you think of the photos in the comments. You can also follow me on Instagram.

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  1. Kyle

    Both photos are great, but if I had to choose, I’d pick the first one.

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