More Shots At the Big Four Bridge With My Canon 50mm Lens

Good afternoon! I have had a busy week at the day job. I’ve also been working on building up my TikTok, so I haven’t had as much free time to get blog posts ready every morning. But, I’m really enjoying my TikTok stuff. I’m also fine with only posting the better stuff on my blog, so I think it’s working out. Speaking of better stuff, I got these shots this week at the Big Four Bridge in Downtown Louisville.

Big Four Bridge Ramp

Big Four Bridge Parking Lot

I’ve also been trying to crop my shots to fit Instagram’s 4×5 trend. The problem is, I still prefer most of my shots uncropped. So, I’ve been posting a cropped version on my Instagram and the full shots on my Flickr. I think that trend will probably continue.

I still think the best shot I got this week was of the woman crossing Market Street.

Hopefully you have all had a good week! Let me know what you think of the photos in the comments below, or how your week was! (It’s Friday, right?)

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  1. Kyle

    Great photos, especially the first one. I’m just glad this week is almost over lol. Hope your week was good, despite being busy.

    1. Eric Shay Howard

      🙂 My week is definitely better now that it’s the weekend, lol

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