Back To My Canon 24mm Lens This Week in Downtown Louisville

It has been a busy week. But, I still managed to get some photography. I went back to my Canon 24mm lens to try to capture some full scenes. Here are a few of the photos I made this week. I’ve also been sharing my daily photography attempts on my TikTok.

Bar Vetti

Downtown Trees

Morning Walk To Work

My TikTok

Definitely check out my TikTok’s, too. You can definitely tell I’ve been back on my 24mm lens because people are generally further away that they were in the previous 50mm videos. Something I still need to work on is getting closer to people when I want to make then the focus point. That being said, I still like the wide, scenic views I’ve been getting.

Back to My Canon 24mm Lens

I was using my 50mm lens last week after spending a full week with my new 24mm lens. This week I decided to go back to my 24mm. I think it might be shaping up to be one of my favorite prime lenses.

Let me know if my TIkTok’s are interesting at all. Also, hope you like the photos. I’m running away from my computer for lunch for a while now. Do you prefer my 50mm or my 24mm lens? Definitely check out my photography on my Instagram, and you can view the higher resolution photos of my photos on my Flickr.

Also, check out last weeks photos from Louisville’s Big Four Bridge Park if you want.