Black And White Street Photography In Louisville

I’m going to start posting some of my photography, because I’ve been really enjoying it this week. I haven’t been writing as much; I’ve been doing photography instead. I probably won’t explain the photography very much; I know myself and if I have to write thesis about each photograph I’ll second-guess it as an photograph and won’t post anything. These were all taken with a 50mm lens on a Canon Rebel SL3. I just wanted to get some photos that made me feel like I was in Louisville.

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I assume I’ll get more creative and better at photography over time. I want to start tracking my progress. I don’t really have any photography friends or anyone interested in practicing photography with me, so this blog is probably the best way for me to share my work, receive criticism, and get better. As always, like with my writing as well, please critique all you want in the comments.

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  1. Kyle

    These are some great photos Eric!

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