What Should I Do With My Instagram?

Yes, I have an Instagram. It has a little over 300 followers. I haven’t really been focusing on it for a while. I also have an Instagram TV account that I haven’t really been foucsing on either. Also, now Instagram has Reels, which are like TikToks. I also started a TikTok account last week. What I guess I’m trying to say is, I have too many social medias and I don’t know what to do with all of them.

But, no, no, no, here me out. What if I just focused on Instagram for a few months and tried really hard at it? What if I just totally went for it?

My Instagram Attempts

Here’s pretty much what I’ve been able to accomplish for a few weeks.

I spent a weekend at my dad’s recently. We didn’t know each other when I was growing up so we just sort of get together a few times a year and hang out and stuff. I took advantage of their Christmas tree.

This next set of photos is also at my dad’s. I love his house. He pretty much built it himself. I can’t even make a wooden box.

I have discovered that I’m not afraid of just using the default Instagram filters a lot of the time. Sometimes they really do make things pop.

My Attempts At Home

Now that going out isn’t an option all the time with the coronavirus out there, I wanted to try some Instagram stuff at home. I figure I’ll need to get better at shooting photos and stuff at home if my Instagram ever did take off, anyway.

This next set of photos didn’t really work out as well as I’d have liked. The filters I used on these made them too soft and bright, but oh well. Sometimes a traditional edit session with Lightroom is probably a necessity. Or I could just take better photos.

Rearranging My Bedroom For My Insagram

I learned pretty quickly that using the living room all the time would be weird, because I have a roommate. Using my bedroom is more ideal. However, there wasn’t enough space for decent photography sessions until I rearranged some things. After I had the space, I tried some different things. The results are bellow.

I Think I Really Shine When I’m Outside

It’ll probably help when I can go out more regularly and do things. I did a standard selfie session with my phone when I went to get coffee this morning.

Can My Brand Be “I’m Gay And In My 30s”?

I’m sure it’ll take me a while to get used to Instagram again, and probably even longer to figure out what exactly I want to do with it. For now I’ll just run with the “I’m gay and single and in my 30s” thing and see where that gets me.

Do you post on Instagram? Have any tips? I’ll see if I can try them out. I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos and I’ve got a big long list of things I can try.

Eric Shay Howard red hoodie selfie for my Instagram