The Refresh Button

I keep hitting the refresh button when I’m looking at my book on Amazon to see if anyone has given me a review. I’m wondering what the first review will be. 1 star? 5 stars? 3 stars? I suppose it could 2 or 4 stars, probably from a reader that reads a lot of other books. I think most people would just do 1 or 5 stars. But, I don’t really know. All I can do is just wait and see.

I finally got my own copy of my book, Crushes, without the “not for resale” notice that was on proof copies. I’m rather pleased with how it came out.

If you want to buy my book, it’s available on Amazon. Just so you know, the link below is an affiliate ad and I earn revenue from qualifying purchases. The ad just happens to be of my own book. Surprisingly, this is 100% okay as far as Amazon is concerned, as long as I disclose.

In other news, I now have a fever of 101.2 and a cough and fatigue and headaches. Everyone seems to think I have coronavirus, even the doctor I spoke to via my telehealth appointment, so I’m going to go get ANOTHER test today. Other than that I plan to sleep and occasionally refresh my Amazon reviews to see if I get one.

Anyways, how has your week been? Let me know in the comments below. Do you abuse the refresh button? Are you impatient? Are you a “1 or 5 star” reviewer, or a “2 or 4” star reviewer?

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