My Final Class of my First Semester in My MBA Program

The good news is, I managed to get far enough ahead to where my MBA program will only take me one and a half years instead of two. The bad news is I’ve procrastinated way too much for my final class. I’m dealing with that this week. My final class this semester is an accounting class. It’s not the most exciting thing. It’s very practical, but that’s a necessity sometimes I guess. I like the classes that are more heavily involved in theory a little more. I like writing papers. I don’t like math.

Maybe next semester I can also get ahead, and perhaps knock out the third semester early as well, but I’m not going to count on that. Either way, I should be done next year, whether it’s just one more semester after this, or two. Then we’ll talk about if I think getting an MBA was worth it or not, and talk about what I want to do next. Options that are on the table are: going for an MFA program, or going for a PhD in English. I don’t really think I want to do a doctorate in business, but I suppose that’s also a theoretical option. There’s also also the possibility of not doing any of those things.

Also, I got sick over the weekend. Quarantining at home until covid19 test results come in.

Also, it’s election day. I voted by mail last month. Obviously, as an educated gay man, I voted for Biden and Harris for President of the United States. I also voted for Amy McGrath for Kentucky Senate.

I’m still writing fiction, too. In case you missed it yesterday, I posted this very short story.

How is your all’s week going?