I Got Sick, But I Still Got My Book Out

Yesterday, I posted this very short story and you all told me that you really liked it, so thank you! Constructive criticism, typo hunters, and comments about whatever are always welcome.

Yesterday evening, I wrote two very short stories, but I don’t like them. I’ll keep fiddling with them, but no promises.

Also, the general consensus is that last week I had bronchitis. Monday I was all better. Tuesday my roommate let me know that he was sick and that he was exposed to coronavirus at work, so now I’m back quarantining at home again. Also, my cough has returned. So, at this point, who knows?

Just in case you missed it, the paperback of my fiction collection, Crushes, was released Monday. I also released a new edition of the kindle version. I’ve added an affiliate ad for it below. (Technically, the link below is an affiliate ad and I earn revenue from qualifying purchases if you use the link.)

I’d also love it if you let me know what you think about the stories. I’d love to write another one. thanks again for all the encouragement over the last 3 years to get it done.

eric shay howard Crushes fiction collection

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  1. Kyle

    I’m really proud of you, and I’m gonna order my copy soon! Also, hope you and your roommate feel better.

    1. Eric Shay Howard

      Yay! And thanks. Cough is kind of worse than last time. I made a telehealth appointment to try to get meds.

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