Yes My Arms Are Still Sore! And the news this week has been not cool.

It’s still raining. I won’t be going to the gym today either. My arms STILL sore anyways.

Also, the grand jurors stated that they asked about other charges in the Breonna Taylor case.

The coronavirus infections continue to rise in Kentucky. 1,884 new cases yesterday. A new record. Still no new “mandates” because people in this state are so very uneducated and won’t understand.

And, all the guys on Grindr still just want to hookup. Like, they don’t even try to pretend for 5 minutes they want something else. I miss that about dating.

Honestly, my friend in prison who I wrote a while back still writes me weekly and that’s been the highlight of my life lately. Well, that and my fiction collection. I’m just making sure I don’t see any other typos or goofs before I push the buttons.

I’m not depressed, just tired. Is it the weekend, yet?