There Are Like Three CBD Oil Stores On My Way To Work

Every morning when I go to work, I I notice the increase in CBD and Hemp Oil stores. Just an observation. I know nothing about CBD Oil. Does it reduce stress? Mondays are pretty awful. It could be a Sunday night thing.

I’m definitely not a Monday kind of guy. If things were perfect and I was living the happiest life I could image: I was a successful freelance writer and blogger, I wrote books and made my money doing creative things, I lived in a cream colored brick house with a small front yard and an only slightly larger back yard, had a private driver on staff, a house manager, a husband who had big arms and Japanese anime hair, a home gym, and I lived just out of Manhattan, close enough to get to The Met if I wanted but not so far as to be inconvenient, and plenty of coffee shops around, I would still absolutely one hundred precedent hate Mondays. So, for this reason alone, I’m super curious about CBD and Hemp oil. Or maybe I’m just not that curious about it and am just generally okay with the idea.

What I think I’m trying to say is, someone teach me about CBD Oil because I don’t know anything about it and there ware way too many stores around selling it in this city for me to not know what it is or how it works.

Just a short blog post today, sorry. Mondays are awful. Would CBD oil make Mondays less awful? Would it not really help that much? Comment below. Follow me on Twitter and like my page on Facebook.

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