On My Twitter This Week I Took Selfies And Tried Hot Cocoa Bombs

I love Twitter. It went down yesterday evening and I had to go almost a whole evening without it. ON A THURSDAY! If it was a weekend I’d have done something interesting, but is there ever anything interesting to do on a Thursday? When Twitter is working I can post selfies, complain about things, and share thoughts in a super quick and easy way, without having to go through the trouble of making a whole blog post. Here are some of my tweets from this week. I’ve been on Twitter a long time, but I’m still learning it because it’s hard. Are tweets about hot cocoa bombs and wanting to be married my 35 still cool?

Hot Cocoa Bombs

My roommate bought these hot cocoa bombs. I thought they were cupcakes, so I was going to bite into one after dinner because I love my chocolate. I have a sweet tooth and I’m not ashamed. Anyway, he corrected me. I also read the instructions on top of the box. They directed me to heat up milk, drop the bomb in, and to watch the magic. I did what it said. It was pretty cool looking. I should’ve recorded it, but I didn’t. I’ll use another one eventually. They were really expensive so I didn’t want to waste them. Most importantly, my sweet tooth was super satisfied.


I post a lot of selfies on Twitter. I mean, you know, selfies that don’t have my hot cocoa bombs or whatever in them. Posting selfies is probably better than complaining on Twitter all the time. The selfies get used for my blog posts, too. Firstly, I need to post a picture of something with each post. Secondly, I need to get married by the time I turn 35. I’m trying to kill (actually, just startle-and-make-fly-away, not kill, because I mean really who does that?) two birds with one stone.

Twitter Questions

Sometimes I ask the void questions. I try not to ask people really annoying questions, but I’m alone and too lazy to google things and what else am I to do?

The answer was yes, “country-fried” in country-fried steak is hyphenated, even though there’s no reason for it because unless Country is a person and they fried steak, it’s pretty clear what’s going on there.

Unless I’ve already met the love of my life and don’t know it yet. Either way, they better get the ball rolling. I’m not going to marry someone after only dating for a month.

Twitter Thoughts

Similarly to the above tweets, I also tweet random thoughts. Sometimes tweets come back to haunt people so, maybe looking at them like this is a good way for me to think about some of the tweets I’ve tweeted and assess what I think about them after a few days. Here are some of those from this week.

I’m not against sex or body positivity. I just want you to pretend for five minutes that you want something more than getting into my pants. My preference would be to crush on you for about 2 years and THEN confess my undying love for you and get rejected, like always. But hey, I’m open to meeting in the middle.

I don’t like it when people challenge other people’s rights and abilities to participate in an art.

Thanks for reading about my hot cocoa bombs.

Hopefully blogging about my tweets was okay. I’ll probably do it again because I’m busy and this is an easy weekend post. In other words, I hope it’s okay that I’m a little lazy with one of my posts every week. Maybe someday soon I’ll get really good at integrating my social media stuff on my blog and we can have a social media blogging comment party.

What did you do this week? Did you tweet about any of it? Would you rather blog instead? Do you have a blog?

I could definitely keep going with questions but I’m going to get off of here and try to get some other writing done. Leave me a comment and let me know what’s on your mind.

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  1. Kyle

    I guess the only interesting thing I did this week was tweet a pic of me, which is something I never do. I got a few likes and some people unfollowed me, which was expected lol. I’m pretty boring, and I’m not bashing myself, that’s just who I am and I’m ok with it.

    And IMO, I think you’d be great husband material 😊

    1. Eric Shay Howard

      😃 I loved seeing your pic show up on my timeline!

      1. Kyle

        Well thank you! ☺️

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